Occupy Eugene asks for your financial support so that we can continue to build coalitions, pressure our elected leaders, and work together to end the inequality and injustices in our community and in our country.

We welcome any level of support and hope that you will give. Donations to Occupy Eugene can be done using any of the methods below.

1. Send a check for any amount, made out to Occupy Eugene, to Occupy Eugene, PO. Box 744, Eugene OR 97440.

2. Donate using your credit card, debit card or Bitcoins by selecting one of these amounts:

[stripe name=”Occupy Eugene” amount=”1000″ description=”” payment_button_label=”$10″][/stripe] [stripe name=”Occupy Eugene” amount=”2000″ description=”” payment_button_label=”$20″][/stripe] [stripe name=”Occupy Eugene” amount=”5000″ description=”” payment_button_label=”$50″][/stripe] [stripe name=”Occupy Eugene” amount=”10000″ description=”” payment_button_label=”$100″][/stripe]

3. Authorize a direct debit from your checking or savings account. Download the Occupy Eugene Direct Debit Form here:

Donate using Direct Debit

Fill out the form and mail to Occupy Eugene, PO. Box 744, Eugene OR 97440.

If you have any questions, our email is  oec_contacts [at]