Opinion: Failure within Occupy Eugene

“If you aren’t falling, you aren’t trying hard enough.” 

Opinion: Wake Up

Opinion piece by Lotus Occupied. Occupy. Revolt. Smash Capitalism. 

Occupy Eugene Responds to Eviction by City Council

Occupy Eugene is saddened by the City Council’s decision to evict protestors from Washington-Jefferson Park only 5 days before Christmas. The emergency meeting and decision to evict represents a clear betrayal of the collaborative relationship established between OE and the City. This decision will serve as further motivation to protesters here in Eugene and around 

Occupy Eugene responds to Police Expenditure

Occupy Eugene responds to Police Expenditure

Occupy Eugene applauds the city council for recognizing that homelessness is an issue requiring more significant attention, and for allocating greater funding for Eugene’s houseless population. However, Occupy Eugene did not request funds for an increased police presence at the site, and maintains that the site has been running adequately with the help of volunteer 

Eugene Occupy Camp: To Be Or Not To Be

Eugene Occupy Camp: To Be Or Not To Be

Two of the most experienced, effective and respected community leaders working with the homeless population, Chuck Gerard of the White Bird Clinic and the Rev. Dan Bryant of First Christian Church in Eugene provide interesting observations about the surprising impact of the Eugene Occupy Camp and how its unprecedented work with the homeless is helping them in their work and the entire Eugene community. 

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Eugene City Council Decides on Camping Exemption…Sort Of

The City Council Chamber was packed out the door on Monday evening as supporters (and a few opponents) of Occupy Eugene turned out to discuss the planned vote on whether to extend OE’s camping ban exemption.  Because of the limited time, and due to the large numbers of respondents, Mayor Piercy decided to limit each 

Belittling the Occupy Movement – By Eugene Occupier Samuel Rutledge

Recently it has come to my attention that the global Occupations are being blamed for the disorderly behavior that is taking place at many of our protest sites. This is understandable, given that the power structure is hell bent on discrediting us by any means at their disposal. It is also laughable.