Local Endorsements

  • Bruce Beasley – Artist  (creator of “Big Red” the sculpture at the south end of the park)
    • …Thanks for asking about using Big Red for a center for Occupy Eugene. It is nice that you asked instead of just doing it any way. I am very supportive of all of the attempts to achieve greater economic justice….” Bruce
  • Eugene Friends Meeting, Religious Society of Friends
    • We, Eugene Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), support social and economic justice. It is our practice is to speak truth to power. We support the right of all people to be free of subservience to powerful financial interests. We support Occupy Eugene and other current non-violent protests and actions seeking justice and equitable ways of organizing and communicating.We support OE in continuing to peaceably assemble at Washington-Jefferson Park and encourage the City Council to continue the exemption to the “no-camping” ordinance. The minute will be delivered to Occupy Eugene, the Eugene City Council, the Register-Guard, Quaker media, and other local congregations with requests for similar statements of support.
  • Lane Community College Educational Association
    • A message from the Lane Community College Education Association To the Occupy Movement Members“The Lane Community College Education Association applauds and supports the Occupy Wall Street and related solidarity movements growing across the country. As educators, our fundamental mission is to remove ignorance. For too many years now, we have fought a battle of attrition as the public education systems of our country have been gutted and made scapegoat by the callous and relentless assault on human dignity by those who would benefit from an uninformed public made susceptible to fear and suspicion. The current environment of plutocracy and political corruption has been decades in the making; it may take decades to reverse. However, with this nascent action of the Occupy movements, we see the potential for a groundswell recognition of the deepest causes of inequality and oppression in our society. We believe that once people become fully aware of these foundations of inequity and understand their consequences, the necessary actions will commence to reverse the unsustainable trend of a society in which the few benefit at the expense of the many. The Occupy movements prove that the struggle to remove ignorance is once again growing beyond the classroom and education forum. We welcome this swing of history’s pendulum.”LCCEA Executive Board”
  • Oregon Country Fair Community Village
    • As a part of the social conscience of the Oregon Country Fair, the Community Village has come to consensus to express our profound and heartfelt support and solidarity for the Global Occupation. We commend the OCF Board for the support that they have shown to Occupy Eugene, and encourage that support to continue. We also encourage all of our fair family to get involved in their local Occupations, sharing generously of whatever skills and resources we have..