Winnemem Wintu Tribe Call For Direct Action in Defense of Sacred Ceremony

The Winnemam Wintu have called for people to join them in solidarity as they engage in direct action against the Forest Service on the McCloud River near Mt. Shasta, CA.  CLDC is taking an active role in assisting the tribe and invites Occupy Eugene to join them.  The War Dance starts on Thursday, May 24th and will go until about the 28th.  Peacekeepers, legal observers and copwatchers are needed. In Eugene, there will be a van leaving Wednesday night and coming back Sunday night.  To reserve a seat, contact for more info regarding transportation and cost sharing.

Because this is a sacred ceremony, the tribal tradition is to feed everyone.  Feel free to bring food to donate to the tribe’s kitchen if you’d like.  They would also be grateful for any financial donations for the costs of port o pots, campgrounds, etc.  Sacred Ceremonies are traditionally drug and alcohol-free events.

Included below is a short article that one of the tribal members wrote for our local Occupy newsletter.  It includes links to the websites that will give you more details.  We will be attempting to block the McCloud river so that boats cannot pass into the ceremonial area.   Bring any canoes, rafts, kayaks, or floatables you may have (water will be cold).

Also bring camping gear, chair, mess kit, water bottle, warm and cold weather clothing.  Carpool if possible. There will not be cell service at this location.

Lauren Regan, of CLDC says, “I really hope to see you all there for what I believe will be an incredible experience and will an important step toward real solidarity amongst movements.”


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