Help Cascadia Forest Defenders Stop Logging in the Goose Timber Sale

Forest Defenders have taken direct action blocking logging of Old Growth in the Willamette National Forest north of McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.
They have made a “a general call to action to all activists and organizers in the Pacific Northwest to help stop the Goose Timber Sale.” “CFD will maintain a presence inside the Goose Timber Sale that will force Seneca Jones Timber Company and the U.S. Forest Service to abandon logging of public lands.”
Below is CFD’s most recent communication and yesterday’s press release

10/24/2017, 10:00 am GET TO GOOSE BLOCKADE NOW, directions map
Cascadia Forest Defenders are asking “All press, media, activists, and organizers need to get down to Goose to check out or help out at the blockade.” “The Forest Defenders have blocked Seneca Company Loggers today but they expect a heavy police presence throughout the day. PLEASE COME READY TO RECORD OR READY TO SUPPORT.”
Map and directions to blockade, click here.

10/23/2017 1:54 pm BLOCKADE @ Goose Timber Sale. Press Release. Call to Action
Back to the forest… where we are going, we don’t need roads…
On October 23, Cascadia Forest Defenders erected a road blockade at the entrance to the W Timber Sale. Taking direct action against Seneca Sawmill’s plan to destroy thousands of acres in the McKenzie River watershed, the blockade consists of large slash piles, multiple cars, and a refrigerator – all serving as an anchor for an occupied platform suspended 80 ft up a Douglas fir tree.
“We’re protecting drinking water, biodiversity, a stable climate, and – ultimately – our own survival,” said Scrimshaw Forest, of Cascadia Forest Defenders,“We oppose resource extraction and deforestation.”
Today Forest Defenders effectively halted logging and will continue to save an estimated 50-100 old growth trees each day the blockade remains. Forest Service rangers visited the blockade this morning but no arrests have been made.
The sale is part of the 2000+ acre Goose Project in the Willamette National Forest. Logging began on October 16.​

Contact Cascadia Forest Defenders
phone: 541-554-2519
website: Cascadia Forest Defenders | Direct Action for The Forests of Cascadia