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15/2/3 Occupy Radio: West Coast Water Wars
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Water is the new gold, Occupiers, but you wouldn’t know that from the way we treat it. In the capitalist system, one man’s scarcity is another man’s profit increase . . . and water is quickly being snatched up by modern-day gold diggers. This week on Occupy Radio, we interview two guests fighting back against insane water policies: Rick Longinotti in Santa Cruz, CA, describes their community’s struggle against the costly and energy-intensive desalination plant proposal; and Ryan Stroud in Portland, OR, explains the threat of crony corporate politics upon the beautiful gravity-fed reservoirs that serve the city.–

Deep Questions Arise Over Portland’s Corporate Water Takeover


West Coast Infrastructure Exchange


Man urinates in water reservoir, City drains 8 million gallons




Mt Tabor Park Reservoirs


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