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15/10/28 Occupy Radio: Avoiding Co-Stupidity with Co-Intelligence
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PhotoELF Edits:
2015:10:28 — Saved as: 24-Bit JPEG (EXIF) Format 98 % — crop

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Even in this day and age of instantaneous pervasive communication, Occupiers, we still don’t know how to communicate. Our iPhone meeting apps can only offer so much help. Eventually, as a society, we’re going to have to start dealing with the issues we see, instead of the ones we are told that we see.

Tom Atlee joins Occupy Radio to discuss ways to evolve activism by plugging into the collective intelligence of our affinity groups and communities.

“Engaging the wisdom and resources of the whole for the well-being of the whole”
site: http://www.co-intelligence.org / blog: http://tomatleeblog.com

EMPOWERING PUBLIC WISDOM – http://empoweringpublicwisdom.us
THE TAO OF DEMOCRACY – http://www.taoofdemocracy.com and
REFLECTIONS ON EVOLUTIONARY ACTIVISM – http://evolutionaryactivism.com

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Tom Atlee, The Co-Intelligence Institute, POB 493, Eugene, OR 97440

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