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15/3/4 Occupy Radio: Rivera Sun, and the Billionaire Buddha

billionaire buddha

The view from the top is not what we think … former member of the 0.01% Dariel Garner joins us on Occupy Radio this week to give the 100% a sneak peak into the reality of why income inequality isn’t working for any of us. Also, Anne Meador reports on Cove Point trials and troubles as a dangerous liquid natural gas export terminal breaks ground.



Twenty Cove Point Protectors Move Calvert Country Court: http://www.wearecovepoint.org/twenty-cove-point-protectors-move-calvert-county-court/

We Are Cove Point http://www.wearecovepoint.org/

Cove Point LNG Protest Was Not a ‘Stunt’: http://cetology.org/2015/03/02/cove-point-lng-protest-was-not-a-stunt/

Video: Cove Point Maryland Gas Protesters Speak Out in Court: http://www.mintpressnews.com/MyMPN/video-cove-point-maryland-gas-terminal-protesters-speak-out-in-court/

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