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WHOVILLE COMMUNITY – Interviews With Residents

One of the things that made Whoville work was how the people that lived there were empowered through the sense of community and security at the camp.  Having a small space they could call their own helped each person in its own way.  As a self governed community, many unhoused individuals stepped up to contribute. People helped each other there and the general consensus from the residents, public and even the Eugene police, was that it improved many lives. It was good for the unhoused to be able to see the Eugene community come out to care about their situation and it was good for the people living in Whoville to have the security of a place to put their belongings and people to connect with. The following media is of the people themselves. Some are Whoville residents and some are visitors. The funny thing is that you can’t always tell the difference because we are all human.

DSC_0050Sandy and Son Randy at Whoville by Fairgrounds – Published October 2013 – Video by Jana Thift

Megan’s Story In Her Own Words – Published October 3, 2014 – Video by Jana Thrift 

Tin Man at Local Whoville #1 – Northwest Expressway – Video by Jana Thrift

Betheny at Local Whoville #1 – Northwest Expressway – Video by Jana Thrift

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