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Occupy Radio: July 24, 2013, 2012 NDAA Opposition


The U.S. Appeals court in New York ruled in favor of the government in the landmark Hedges v Obama case. Now there are no limits to the American government’s use of Indefinite detention without trial. What does this mean for our democracy? Former President Jimmy Carter says that the United States no longer has a functioning democracy. How long can our already weakened democracy survive a state that actively, and openly punishes it’s critics?

This week on Occupy Radio I’m joined by critics of the NDAA from all sides. Dan Johnson is the head of People Against the NDAA, or PANDAA. Shane Ozbun is the Oregon State Coordinator for PANDAA. James Lee is my favorite Tea Party spokesperson, we discuss our common ground on the NDAA. Finally, Tangerine Bolen is a co-plaintiif on the Hedges v Obama case. She gives me an inside perspective on what the latest ruling means, and what the plans are going forward. Join us for the next hour as we take a full spectrum look at the growing opposition to the American police state on Occupy Radio. .


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