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15/6/2 Occupy Radio: Cataloging the Commons with CommonSpark

liberate the commons

80,000 food foraging commons and counting, Occupiers, this week we’re exploring the diversity of the contemporary commons with Ellen Friedman, founder of CommonsSpark. Also, Dena Eakles of Echo Valley Farm joins us to talk about an on-the-ground experiment in consensus, self-governance, farming, and building community and peace.

CommonSpark http://www.commonsparkcollective.org/

David Bollier: http://www.bollier.org/

Occupy Radio: Think Like a Commoner, with David Bollier http://www.occupyradio.org/older-episodes1/occupy-radio-think-like-a-commoner-with-david-bollier1

commons circles

Beautiful Solutions: https://solutions.thischangeseverything.org/

On the Commons: http://www.onthecommons.org/

Making Worlds: A commons coalition: http://www.makingworlds.org/home-2/

P2P Foundation: http://p2pfoundation.net/

School of Commoning: http://schoolofcommoning.com/

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