Occupy Eugene Media Group photos, videos, tv and radio produced by Occupy Eugeneoccupyall1@gmail.com

Occupy Eugene Media Group


The Occupy Eugene Media Group gives thanks to all the amazing people listed below, who have documented the Occupy and Human Rights movement in Eugene these last years.  We are eternally grateful for them to have made their work a part of this library and for their support with these important efforts.


Screen shot 2015-07-19 at 9.01.50 PMBarb Shaw — PHOTOS

David Geitgey Sierralupe (Occupy Eugene Media Group) — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

David Hazen — VIDEOS

David Zupan — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Debra M. Josephson — PHOTOS

Dusk McNeely (Waning Light Photography) — PHOTOS

Gregory Walker (Occupy Eugene Media Group) — PHOTOS

Gina Ginsberg — VIDEOS

466719_3195357678819_2069165690_oJana Thrift (Occupy Eugene Media Group) — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Jason Lieberman — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Jasun Plaedo Wellman — PHOTOS

Jennefer – PHOTO & VIDEOS

Joe Tyndall — VIDEOS

Karen Moore — PHOTOS

532806_243417989101575_60103466_nKristen Brandt — PHOTOS

Lynn Porter/Homeless Action — VIDEOS

Michael Adams — PHOTOS

Robert Long — PHOTOS

Rob Sydor — PHOTOS

Sasha Tuckey (Smasha Productions) — PHOTOS & VIDEOS

Vickie Nelson — PHOTOS



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