The Occupy City Hall Dinner Party – & City Council Meeting

We will have dinner outside city council chambers at City Hall starting at 6pm this coming Monday night, February 13. To make the evening more memorable, please wear the costume of your favorite OE action figure….maybe ninja wear, maybe tent monster gear, maybe dressed as the 1% or as the 99%, maybe dressed in nothing, maybe dressed in something for an action yet to come….

If you haven’t seen an OE family member for a while, search around for them and bring them along. We can Occupy a public place together for a while and also remind City Council we have not forgotten the circumstances of the WJP protest site, their disbanding camp and failing to provide alternative shelter.

After dinner come inside to council chambers to the city council public meeting and listen to public comment time. Support fellow Occupiers as they deliver testimony to city council and the public.

The Eugene City Council now has a draft resolution opposing Corporate Personhood, which was drafted by the city attorney. It calls on our congressional delegation to support an amendment to the United States Constitution which reverses the effect of the “Citizens United” Supreme Court decision. The draft resolution also calls on the city attorney to research putting this measure on the ballot for the public to vote on. Please tell the council if you support this measure, and particularly that you want the people to be able to vote on it.

Sign up for the 3 minute public comment period starting at 7 PM. Meeting and comments start at 7:30 PM.

Where: City Council Chambers, 777 Pearl, Eugene

When: Monday, Feb. 13th. Dinner in the courtyard at 6pm, Council Meeting 7-9pm.

Dinner contact: Jennifer Frenzer-Knowlton ; 531 731 1428;
Big John McCahill: 541 653 4232

Draft resolution on Corporate Personhood contact: Fergus Mclean; (541) 937-3034;

A chance for public input on the City Council Corporate Personhood resolution.

When we were ordered to disband, decamp and denied access to WJP, our home was taken and the winter shelter promised by the city was not provided. We can gather regularly in larger and larger numbers to remind city hall of its promise, unfulfilled at the expense of several Occupiers going still without a safe place to live or basic shelter for sleeping. We can regather, share a meal by Big John and Diesel together, strengthen community and recreate a public hearth for the evening at City Hall. We can persist in making our collective demands to have safe winter shelter and fuel our solidarity.