OE V clean up & set up for Statewide Assembly

Cleaning, organizing, and setting up OEV for the State Assembly…

We need people to bring folding tables, chairs, and dishes/plates/silverware that we can use for the event.

event contact – big dawg occupy occupy

When: Friday, 1 – 5 pm

Where: OE V, 12 74 W. 7th, Eugene

Come Join Us For The People United March! Saturday, Feb. 25 11am-2pm


We are very excited to extend this invitation to join us for a family-friendly celebration of human personhood, community, and interdependence.  

Please take a look at this brief video introduction:

We are People United, an affinity group of local Eugene and Springfield citizens who have gathered to organize a free event called “People United: More Than A March.” This event is scheduled for Saturday, February 25th and will begin with a rally at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 8th & Oak Street at 11 am. There will be a rally, live music, and other entertainment before we set out to parade through town in celebration of our community. We have been working for the past several months with different groups in our area, including Occupy Eugene, to organize this event. Our goal is, essentially, twofold.

First, we are gathering to celebrate human personhood. We are gathering in a gesture of solidarity as individuals in our diverse community to make a clear statement that Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling and the legal fiction of corporate personhood are unacceptable. We are gathering to make it very clear to all elected officials that personhood is for people. In order to punctuate this point, we are asking participants to bring a simple sign that reads: “My Name Is (write name) And I Am A Person.” Several sign making stations will also be set up during the rally.

Second, we are rallying together to establish a moment in time and space where we are able to set aside our different political leanings, worldviews, or ideas about effective tactics or strategies for change, in order to focus upon our nearly universal agreement that our democracy has been watered down by corrupt relationships between corporations and our government and that we all desire a more level playing field for everyone. We are gathering because this is what democracy looks like in this day and age where most feel dis-empowered and we are only able to make a statement through our relationships with each other. In this light, we are gathering to celebrate the incredible community that we share and the power that we have when we are able to act interdependently.

We at People United are working in collaboration with Occupy Eugene, Empowering the 99%, the Oregon Country Fair, and other local businesses and organizations, and we would like to invite you to join us in this effort. This event was originally constructed as a march, but has grown into much more. Several local groups will be participating by carrying banners of their own while marching with the rest of the community. We invite you to join us – either as an individual or as part of a group – as we celebrate together! If you are a part of a group and someone from your group would like to speak during the rally, please contact Marcus Farley at farleymft [at] gmail [dot] com

Also: Please join us after the event for the Occupy Oregon Statewide Assembly at 3pm at Occupy V (1274 W. 7th Avenue in Eugene). Food and music will follow the assembly.

Thank you and hope to see you there!

You Are Invited To The Occupy Oregon State Assembly

Come join us for the 2nd Occupy Oregon State Assembly meeting on Saturday, February 25th from 3-6pm in Eugene, Oregon! We’ll be hosting this event at our large warehouse located at the corner of 7th and Polk in downtown Eugene (1274 W. 7th Ave). There’s plenty of free parking nearby, and the building is warm and cozy with restrooms, sofas, chairs, hot coffee, etc. We’ll be having a “People United” rally and march from 11am-2pm, followed by the State Assembly meeting from 3pm-6pm, a delicious hosted dinner from 6-8pm (sliding scale $0-$5), and then dancing, live music and more from 8pm-? Those people who will be traveling to Eugene for the State Assembly meeting and would like to spend the night on Friday and/or Saturday please RSVP as soon as possible and request a homestay–we’re putting a list together of local occupiers who can host OOSA guests.

¡Viva Mexico! Movie and Discussion

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
7:00 pm until 10:00 pm
100 Willamette Hall, UO Campus
Park in Onyx parking lot/eastside of Franklin Blvd

Come watch a movie that will raise your awareness and inform our local activist community about other social movements in the world, so that we may learn and build solidarity. Discussion with Javier Lara, Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United, follows.

In a journey from the mountains of southeastern Mexico to the northern border with the United States, Subcommander Marcos and the people of Mexico trace the forgotten face of a country. A celebration of the struggle for land and dignity.

After the movie, we can engage in a dialogue about the different perspectives we view or internalized the topic. At the end, I will like to link the point of the film to what PCUN does as a farm worker union in Woodburn-Oregon.

­                —Javier Lara, Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United

Link: http://www.vivamexicofilm.com/eng.html
Contact Scott Fife, iconoclasmo.scott@gmail.com, 541-232-2868 for more information.

Sign Making Party/Potluck

Please come join us at the Last Friday Art Walk at OEV to make signs for Saturday’s People United March. My Name Is ______ And I AM A Person. This will be a potluck, so bring a dish or beverage to share and eating utensils. Art supplies will be provided.

Where: OEV, 1274 W. 7th, Eugene

When: Friday, February 24, 5 -8pm

Event contact :
Marcus Farley

Occupy Hip Hop: A talk with Boots Riley from The Coup

University of Oregon’s Multicultural center will be bringing Boots Riley, activist and underground conscious hip hop MC, who will be speaking on the intersection of art and activism for revolutionary change through music on Wednesday February 15th in Lillis 182. Boots Riley will be performing later that night in WOW hall at 9:30PM with The Coup.

Born into a family of Radical Organizers from Chicago, Boots Riley developed his interest in politics and inspired his activism at a young age. Boots is a revolutionary Hip Hop and Funk MC and founder of the political hip hop group, The Coup. He uses his lyrics to develop a strong sense of political consciousness and uses the constant growing popularity of their concerts to bring in a large number of youth to take leading roles in many social justice movements. Boots Riley is currently an active participant with the Occupy Oakland movement. Boots will speak on his active roles with hip hop and activism including the struggles against racial profiling and police brutality against youth of color. Your presence is welcomed!!!

(Please arrive on time, the event will begin at 7:00 PM sharp. Boots has a show at nine. We would like to make this hour and a half as productive as we can.)

Where: University of Oregon, Lillis 182, Eugene

When: Wednesday, February 15, 7pm.

Movie and discussion brunch: Housing is aHuman Right/Occupy the Homes

40 minutes of short videos followed by discussion with brunch.
Synopsis: The Take Back the Land- Movement is a national network of organizations dedicated to elevating housing to the level of a human right and securing community control over land. The Movement must be led by impacted communities and is firmly rooted in ‘Positive Action’ campaigns, including those which break the immoral laws which allow banks to gain billions in profit while human beings are made homeless.

Where: Occupy V,  1274 W 7th, Eugene

When: Sunday, February 26, 12 – 3 pm

Contact person: Scott Fife  (541)232-2868

NoW! Saturday Eve – March in Solidarity Against ACTA

We are having a march in solidarity with the rest of the world against ACTA – Anti Counterfeiting Trade Agreement – tonight at 6pm in Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. We will have a short march to the Federal Courthouse where people will be able to speak out against this tyrannical set of laws. Please join us in this effort, it is of great importance that we stand now before it is to late. ACTA is the greatest threat to international trade and communication that the world has ever seen, and it has already been signed by 31 countries. 6 more and it will become a reality. Thank you!

Contact person: Josh McWhorter

Minutes Training

Come learn how to take effective minutes! We need more minute takers for General Assemblies and committee meetings.
When: Saturday, February 11th, 12 to 1pm
Where: Growers Building-Round Table
454 Willamette St. Eugene


Saturday, February 11
1 pm to 4 pm
1274 W 7th Ave (7th and Polk, next to Cornbread Café)

Come help get our building ready to host the Occupy Oregon Statewide Assembly on February 25th.

We need to get oil for heat. We have money in the building fund to cover cost, but we need to get access to the oil tank. So come help us move stuff away from the oil tank and get our building all spruced up for the big event.

For more information on the work party, contact Mary Broadhurst at 541-285-4614.

For more information on Occupy Oregon Statewide Assembly, see