The Eugene Occupier Calls for Submissions

This fall is the anniversary of both OWS and OE. We want to honor both in our September/October newsletter. We need your help.

  1. Please submit a short (up to 125 words) statement of what the past year of activism in OE has meant to you. Include your name and when you became active in OE. Be as brief as you want to be. One sentence is fine.
  2. Send us photographs taken over the last year for a pictorial history of OE. Please name the photographer, the event, and include a brief description of what is going on in the photo. If you can, also identify the people in the photo.
  3. Let us know if you are interested in writing a 500-700 word piece on the history of OE.

Please submit all entries to the form at

Dave Lippman/Wild Bill Bailout Benefit for Occupy

Wild Bill Bailout, the Bard of the Bankers, and satirical songster Dave Lippman bring their Fairly Balanced Cabaret to Eugene on Friday, August 3, 8:30 PM at Cozmic, 199 W. 8th.  Admission $7-10 (no one turned away for lack of funds).  This is a benefit for Occupy Eugene/Occupy Housing and Foreclosure Action Committee.

It’s Occupy vs Occu-Buy with veteran satirical songster Dave Lippman fired up, and Wild Bill Bailout firing back over healthcare, warfare, climate scare and market bear, coming to Eugene with gut-busting political comedy and moving commentary. Bard of the Bankers Wild Bill Bailout represents the pro-torture, pro-war, pro-financial collapse point of view – in song. Get ready for high-end pop parodies and some very wise cracks. Visit for audio and video samples of the show.  Benefit sponsored by ACT (A Community Together – Lane County).

More information:  541-337-1643.

PRESS RELEASE: Occupy Eugene Begins New Occupation…

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Contact:, Reid Kimball (415) 632-9982, @OccupyEugene

Occupy Eugene Begins New Occupation by Cleaning Up Bank of America’s Mess
Occupy Eugene’s next occupation will be a little closer to home. The Occupy Housing and Foreclosures Action Committee (OH-FAC!) will clean up trash that is piling up on the steps of a vacant foreclosed home in downtown Eugene, this Friday at 3:30 p.m. All media are invited to attend to witness the event and interview participants.

Later in the evening OH-FAC! will join the Fed Up Committee to occupy the lawn of the property to protect it from further vandalism. Occupiers will stay with the property for as long as it takes to solve the deteriorating situation.

The home was foreclosed on, most likely illegally, according to documents found by activists in the Lane County Deeds and Records office. According to neighbors, it has been vacant for nearly two years, and they have called police on squatters who vandalized the inside and outside of the property over the years.

Occupy Eugene activists worked with the neighbors to clean up the mess several weeks ago, but, since then, more trash and excrement has begun to pile up again.

“Enough is enough. We will present compelling evidence of forged mortgage documents making this foreclosure illegal. This home serves as an example of why we need a moratorium to allow foreclosure victims to stay in their homes at all costs. We can’t allow Wall Street banks to illegally foreclose on us and blight neighborhoods throughout Eugene,” says activist Reid Kimball.

Reid continued, “In addition to cleaning up the property, Occupy Eugene has support of the neighbors for a small number of people to occupy the lawn of this vacant property to engage the community on the housing and foreclosure crisis.”

This press release is from the Communications Committee of Occupy Eugene that has been empowered to speak on behalf of the larger Occupy Eugene body.


Medical Clinic Sunday

Occupy Eugene hosts a free Medical Clinic every Sunday. This service is available to all. A dental hygienist is available for basic teeth cleaning and preventative care. This clinic is operated by volunteers with the holistic, patient-driven approach. Nutritional guidance and alternative medicine are also available.

Where: Park Blocks, 8th & Oak

When: Sundays, 1 – 5pm

Tuesday Clinics are not available at this time.


Ocupa Eugene ofrece una clínica médica todos los domingos. Los servicios están disponibles a toda la gente. Un higienista  provee limpieza dental básica y cuidado preventivo. Esta clínica está operada por voluntarios con un enfoque paciente-conducido y holístico. Orientación nutricional y medicina alternativa también están disponibles.

Park Blocks, 8th y Oak, Eugene; todos los domingos, de la una a las cinco de la tarde.

La clínica de martes no está disponible en este tiempo.

Occupy Eugene Narratives: Time To Tell Your Story

How did you first hear about the Occupy Movement?

Share your first experiences getting involved in the Occupy Movement.

What/When was your peak of hope/excitement/involvement?

What are some evolutions/changes you have witnessed in the local/global movement?

Share the stories you remember.

How does your local experience compare to what you had hoped for?

How does your local experience compare to what is going on nationally/globally?

What actions/meetings/gatherings have you participated in and what was your experience?

What are some disappointments?

What are your hopes for Occupy or Occupy Eugene for the future?

What are you hoping for?

What are the changes you want to see?

How does/did the Occupy Movement affect you personally?

What was a time when you felt like the movement was really making a positive difference?  Tell us your story.

In your eyes, what were three successes of Occupy Eugene so far?

If you could change three things about the Occupy Movement, locally or otherwise, what would they be?

What do you think the main focus of the movement should be?


Our personal stories are very important.  Our stories record history.  Please take a moment to reflect on your experience with the Occupy Movement.  Please consider writing your story.  Personal narratives are being collected in order to preserve history.  Please submit your story to:

Narratives are being collected to submit to the University of Oregon’s Special Collections where they will be available to researchers in the future.  Let’s put our stories together, and tell our truth.

Federal Government Denies Occupy Eugene Right to Protest: Gravely Curtails First Amendment Rights for All

EUGENE, OR: The U.S. General Services Administration Regional Director issued a letter of denial in response to a permit application submitted by Occupy Eugene members seeking to continue their public protest at the corner of 7th and Pearl Streets in Eugene, Oregon. Occupy Eugene members have stated they will continue their protest without a permit and will risk arrest to challenge the restriction upon their First Amendment Rights.

On May 1, 2012, members of Occupy Eugene (“OE”) began a protest at the Federal Plaza location at 7th and Pearl Streets. The demonstrators have created a vibrant space that includes a table and awning where they talk with people and distribute literature regarding the many political issues represented by OE. The corner also contains many political signs and flags on topics such as “support our vets,” corporate greed and corruption, and environmental concerns. Community members have expressed their opinions on this corner regularly for decades without governmental interference. The local Federal Protective Services officer told OE that they were welcome at the location for as long as they wanted as long as the protestors did not sleep at the location and obeyed the law. He requested that Occupy Eugene apply for a 60-day permit to document the 24-hour a day protest and provide the building manager with a point of contact. OE applied for the permit, agreed to the condition that its members would not sleep at the location, and the permit was granted. OE has been peacefully demonstrating at this location for the last 70 days without any problems or incidents. Several other community groups have also continued to use the public space without any conflicts.

Shortly before the 60-day permit expired, the Regional Director of the GSA contacted OE to inform them that they would need to apply for a new 30-day permit and that they would only be allowed to protest from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Director claimed that the local federal officials had granted OE’s 24 hour a day permit “by mistake,” and that as a result of ‘Occupy problems in other states,’ they were no longer allowing protests 24 hours a day on federal property. The Director did not cite to any problems or complaints with the OE protest. OE then submitted a new 30 day permit application requesting the same terms and conditions as their prior permit, including a 24-hour presence. On July 9, 2012, the GSA Director denied OE’s permit application stating, “The primary reason that the permit is not approved is that it seeks to maintain a presence within the plaza for 24 hours a day for a period of 30 days.” The Director now states that he intends to curtail the right to protest between the hours of 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

“The denial does not provide a single compelling governmental reason to restrict the constitutional rights of the Occupy Eugene protest,” states attorney Lauren Regan of the Civil

For immediate release: July 10, 2012

Liberties Defense Center. “In order for the government to curtail a person’s First Amendment rights to free speech and assembly, they must have specific important interests that override or trump our First Amendment rights. There have been no complaints or allegations of interference or property damage by the protestors, and this corner is one of the most widely used public forums in Eugene. Constitutional rights do not expire at 10pm. The government cannot dictate the manner of lawful political expression.” Regan explains.

Even more offensive to the constitutional rights of all citizens, is the statement made by the GSA Director that anyone who seeks to protest on any federal property—whether a public forum or not—will need to apply for a permit to do so. Historically, only large assemblies or groups using amplification have been required to apply for permits to utilize the free speech areas at both the old and new federal courthouses, small groups or spontaneous assemblies were never hassled about obtaining government permits to protest. Regardless of whether a single person wishes to hold a sign, beat a drum, or simply stand in silent protest for an hour, the government is now demanding that these individuals first ask permission to exercise their constitutional rights. “This is a prior restraint on the constitutional rights of citizens seeking to exercise their rights to protest at a quintessential public forum– a place where your 1st amendment rights are most protected from government encroachment. If this is truly the government’s new policy, it is a grave curtailment of the rights of people in Eugene.” Regan asserts.

The GSA Director stated that he would be delivering a notice to vacate the protest area today because the demonstrators no longer have a valid permit. If they do not leave by tomorrow, they will face arrest for lawfully protesting in a public forum without a permit that the GSA has approved. “Many citizens are willing to stand up to challenge this constitutional threat and will risk arrest and prosecution to do so. It will be up to the Federal Court to defend the Constitutional rights of the people.” Regan added.

Lauren Regan, Attorney & Executive Director, Civil Liberties Defense Center (Eugene)



Opportunity Eugene Task Force recommendations up for City Council consideration, July 18th at noon: Activists Urgently Needed to Write and Call

To our allies and friends: Please email this message to friends and put it your Facebook page!


On July 18, the City Council, at their noon Work Session, will be considering the approval of the Mayor’s Opportunity Eugene Task Force recommendations.

They will also receive a packet from Opportunity Village Eugene that requests that the City direct staff to begin clearing the way legally for OVE to occupy the land which was the former site of the Navy Center near Chambers on 13th, or a site that equally meets our site criteria.
If you can write or call the Council or Mayor asking them to do this so that when they return in September it will be a quick step to approve land, we should be able to begin in time to have our first neighborhood filled before winter.

WRITE TO THE EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW…It goes to the mayor, council, and staff

CALL YOUR COUNCILOR, if you have a personal relationship. They respond to their constituents.

CALL YOUR MAYOR…she represents everyone in the city

1. Tell them you want people who are homeless to have a legal, safe place to sleep.
2. Tell them that on July 18 that you want them to instruct city staff to do whatever is necessary to clear the way for Opportunity village to be built at Chambers and 13th OR to find another suitable site.
3. Tell them you want the land to be turned over to Opportunity Village Eugene by August 1 so that the village can be opened by October 1.
4. Tell them over 100 people die and thousands suffer in our community each year because Eugene is not providing for our most vulnerable citizens and that you oppose this.
5. Tell them you are tired of tax payer dollars being wasted on police, courts, jails, ER, hospital and psychiatric beds because Eugene does not have a cost effective policy or plan for homelessness.

Dozens of volunteers from the faith community, the social service community, the Interfaith Alliance, Interfaith Occupy , Occupy, CALC and the unions are incorporating and have been working since April to create this village. Many community leaders have joined the effort and plans will be ready to open the Village by October 1 if the City provides the land and appropriate waivers which State Law authorizes them to do.

Write the mayor, councilors and city staff all at once and be a matter of public record: or fax: 541-682-5414

Contact your councilor directly by phone if you have a personal relationship

Phone numbers:

MAYOR, Kitty Piercy: 541-682-5010

WARD 1, George Brown: 541-682-8341

WARD 2, Betty Taylor: 541-338-9947

WARD 3, Alan Zelenka: 541 682-8343

WARD 4, George Polling 541-517-3110

WARD 5, Mike Clark: 541-682-8345

WARD 6, Pat Farr: 541-682-8346

WARD 7, Andrea Ortiz: 541 688-5588

WARD 8, Chris Pryor: 541-682-8348

MANAGER, Jon Ruiz: 541-682-5010

Occupy Eugene Medical Clinic Sundays

Occupy Eugene hosts a free Medical Clinic and now a dental hygienist too every Sunday. This service is available to all.

Tuesday clinic is no longer available

A dental hygienist is available for basic teeth cleaning and preventative care. This clinic is operated by volunteers with the holistic, patient-driven approach. Nutritional guidance and alternative medicine is also available.

Spanish and English June Issues of The Eugene Occupier Now Available

The Spanish and English June issues of The Eugene Occupier are now out. You can read them here:

Vol. 1, No. 4, June 2012 Newsletter

Vol. 1, No. 4 – Boletin Junio de 2012

Paper copies are available at OEV and Growers Market. If you would like some issues to distribute, let us know.

Note: The Spanish version of the June newsletter is a pullout section inside the English version.

We also want to let everyone know we will be publishing a special newsprint/tabloid edition of our newsletters for July with room for many more stories and photos.  We are planning on 2000 issues so we can leave stacks at distributions points around town and at various summer events, including the Oregon Country Fair. Please let us know if you have stories or photos for our big July issue.

The newsletter group welcomes your feedback. We also welcome stories of approximately 300-400 words. Please include a photograph and let us know who took it. Short poems and standalone photographs are also welcome.