February 11th 2014 is The Day We Fight Back Against Mass Surveillance

Occupy Eugene calls on freedom loving Americans to speak out in solidarity next Tuesday, February 11: to stand together in support of our constitutional rights against illegal government surveillance. Please join us as we flood congress with the message that we support the USA Freedom Act and reject uncontrolled, secret mass surveillance of American citizens.
Last June, security contractor Edward Snowden confirmed our worst fears about the extent and intrusiveness of secret government surveillance on American citizens. Though regarded by the Obama administration as a common criminal or even a traitor, Snowden has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his disclosures about the nature of the American security state and the surveillance practices of the National Security Administration. Snowden’s disclosures have caused diplomatic and political turmoil around the world, yet the Obama administration continues to stonewall calls for reform from Congress, the advisory panel the President selected himself, the American public and the information technology industry, which has lost billions due to international mistrust of US information technology following disclosure of NSA abuses. On January 27, Snowden gave an extensive interview on German TV which has been withheld from the American people, but can be found at LiveLeak.com Why is there US media blackout on hearing Edward Snowden explain his case? Perhaps it’s because he accuses the US Director of National Intelligence of lying to Congress about NSA mass surveillance.
A chief author of The Patriot Act, Republican Representative Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, chair of the House Subcommittee on Terrorism and Crime, has joined with the chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Democratic Senator Leahy of Vermont in calling for passage of the USA Freedom Act, which will force the Obama administration to rein in its illegal surveillance practices and bring some measure of public oversight to our government’s massive surveillance programs. Senator Sensenbrenner has pledged to lead a fight to de-fund the NSA if it continues in its lawless behavior of mass, illegal spying on American citizens, and he needs our support to be able to carry through on his pledge.
On February 11, Occupy Eugene will add our voice to a rising chorus in support of the USA Freedom Act. We invite everyone to join us, and to support Senator Ron Wyden in his efforts to bring our secret government to light.

There will be two key points expressed, in the message, to Congress

  • Support the USA Freedom Act.The USA Freedom Act would institute key pro-privacy reforms, including creating new limits on the NSA’s ability to collect American’s telephone records in bulk.
  • Oppose the FISA Improvements Act.This dangerous bill would codify mass surveillance by the NSA and potentially expand the spying.

    For more on Edward Snowden and NSA surveillance:
    NY Times: Edward Snowden, Whistleblower
    NSA insiders blow the whistle on illegal, ineffective surveillance
    Where Does the President Stand on NSA Reform? | American Civil Liberties Union

  • Whoville Granted Reprieve Through February 28

    On January  27, 2014, the Eugene City Council granted Whoville a 30-day stay of execution until February 28.

    City Manager Jon Ruiz has assigned Deputy Chief of Special Operations, Joe Zaludek, to work with Whoville to find a new location.  After our first meeting with him, we are hopeful.  Our next meeting with him is scheduled for Tuesday the 11th of February.

    We are informed the City Manager prefers private instead of public land for Whoville.  All are aware that we are unlikely to secure private land within our thirty day clemency period.  Therefore we are seeking public land for a short period of time (6 months) until we can develop an exit strategy and destination from that temporary site.

    Three temporary sites on public land are currently being discussed for Whoville.  All three sites are listed for future development.  However, Whoville’s need is short term.


    1.     Eighth and Mill, directly south across the street from the new Federal Building which was on the City Manager’s original list of properties that meet Council criteria for a Rest Stop.

    2.     Under the Ferry Street Bridge.

    3.     Underutilized parking lot just west of Louis Chinese Restaurant on Franklin.


    We currently perceive three possible choices that the Council might make though more may evolve.  Obviously, the first choice is not acceptable and will require a dramatic and immediate response from the SLEEPS community.  Choice three will require lots of us to help with the move and with the cleanup of the current site.


    1.     Shut Whoville down without providing a new site for them, forcing them back to the streets

    2.     Extend Whoville’s stay at the current location for a length of time to complete arrangements for a new site

    3.     Transition Whoville to a new site on the 28th.


    Council members have noted that when Whoville first settled at Broadyway/Hilyard, Council members heard lots of objections.  After four months at the site, objections have diminished greatly and increasingly, they are receiving email and phone calls supporting a “place to be” for Whoville!


    Council Meeting Monday, February 10, 7:30.  Arrive after 7:00 but before 7:30 if you wish to speak at the public forum.  Your voice is VERY important….and if you prefer to simply attend in solidarity, then your presence alone is a powerful message (especially in this weather!).


    A decision on Whoville will be made at either the Monday February 24th 7:30 meeting OR the Wednesday, February 26th Noon meeting.  When we know which, we will let you know.  In any event, please plan to attend the Monday 24th meeting as the last time our voices can be heard before a decision is made.


    Please!  Continue to contact your representatives on the Council (info below).


    To write the Eugene Mayor, Councilors and City Manager all at once, email to:




    If you prefer to write to them individually, email to:


    MAYOR, Kitty Piercy:  541-682-5010      Kitty.Piercy@ci.eugene.or.us

    WARD 1, George Brown: 541-682-8341 George.r.brown@ci.eugene.or.us

    WARD 2, Betty Taylor: 541338-9947     Betty.L.Taylor@ci.eugene.or.us

    WARD 3, Alan Zelenka: 541 682-8343    Alan.Zelenka@ci.eugene.or.us

    WARD 4, George Poling: 541-517-3110 George.A.Poling@ci.eugene.or.us

    WARD 5, Mike Clark:  541-682-8345       Mike.Clark@ci.eugene.or.us

    WARD 6, Greg Evans:                                   Greg.A.Evans@ci.eugene.or.us

    WARD 7, Claire Syrett 541-682-8347      Claire.M.Syrett@ci.eugene.or.us

    WARD 8, Chris Pryor: 541-682-8348       Chris.E.Pryor@ci.eugene.or.us

    CITY Mgr., Jon Ruiz: 541-682-5010         Jon.r.ruiz@ci.eugene.or.us