SLEEPS Action Alert!

Friday January 4, 3pm to 7pm in Downtown Eugene
Meeting 2:30pm at the Atrium, 99 W. 10th Ave.

SLEEPS is calling for a Flash Mob Die Off action & Guerrilla Street Theater. This action is being done in an effort to bring attention to the ever growing number of unhoused people who die each year in the streets and parks of Eugene Oregon.
We will meet up at the Atrium Building at 2:30pm, and divide into teams of twos or threes. Each team will then be given directions to where, at 3:00pm, they will do their chalking.

This action will be in two parts. The first act will be the setting of chalk outlines The second act will be in conjunction with First Friday Art Walk, and will be the animation of the chalk outlines. Chalk, & a candle will be supplied to all activist teams participating in this action. We encourage everyone to come out and play with us, and help us draw attention to the ever growing number of preventable deaths among the unhoused in Eugene Oregon.

Act #1:
Teams will be at their assigned location(s) at 3:00pm. One member of the team will drop to the ground, while the other member draws a chalk outline around the body. The eyes are to be “X”, and the word “Unhoused” written inside of the chalk outline. If a team has a second location, they will then move on to it and continue till their assignments are completed. This action is meant to be fun, thought provoking, as well as informative.

Act #2
At 5:15pm Act #2 will kick off with teams of two going to the 4 sites of the First Friday Art Walk. One team member will re-pose thyself into the chalk outline, the other team member will stand silently while holding a candle, and handing out flyers that help explain what we are doing.. The art walk progresses from one location to another, and each team will follow the art walk and do the re-posing at each of the four locations.

~First Friday Art Walk:
5:15 Mecca Railroad Station
5:45 Clar Studio 760 Willamette
6:15 New Rose 168 West Broadway
6:45 Jazz 124 West Broadway

RECLAIM THE PLAZA: A Free Speech Celebration

Monday, January 7 at 10:30pm
Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 8th & Oak, Eugene

Celebrate freedom, stand up for your rights, and stand in solidarity with community members who wish to legally challenge Lane County’s unconstitutional curfew at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza. Bring joy, cookies, protest signs, and musical instruments.

Article 1, Section 8 of the Oregon Constitution states the following:
“No law shall be passed restraining the free expression of opinion, or restricting the right to speak, write, or print freely on any subject whatever; but every person shall be responsible for the abuse of this right.”

The Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza “curfew” is an unconstitutional restraint upon free speech and public assembly, and this is a call to action for all citizens of Eugene to stand up for the Constitution and the right to protest 24-7 in traditional public forums such as the Plaza. Our aim is to have the curfew declared unconstitutional in a court of law. To achieve this, SLEEPS in conjunction with local activists is planning a day of protest followed by a night of celebration and civil disobedience next Monday, January 7th. Free speech and unhoused activists along with other community members, both housed and unhoused, intend on being arrested in numbers for violating the Plaza curfew.

We invite you to come in celebration and solidarity to make a statement to City and County government that we as a community will not accept the violation of our constitutional rights. This will be a party, a celebration, a joyous expression of our freedoms under state and federal law. There will be music and treats and wonderful people. Sometime after 11pm, Eugene Police will request that we clear the plaza. Those who do not wish to be arrested will be free to leave and will able to stand on the sidewalk. Those who wish to be arrested will remain in the plaza. As a united force, we plan to plead not guilty to the charges and assert our constitutional rights in court as a community.

For more information email alley[at]