This weekend: NIX THE NEONICS

A Rally, Music, and A Fun Singalong Action to Save our Pollinators from Common
Garden Pesticides!

Saturday, July 20th rally at noon in the Free Speech Plaza on 8th & Oak.  March through
downtown to the Eugene Public Library. Carpool to a Garden Store to be
announced at the rally!

KEYNOTES: Lisa Arkin of Beyond Toxics and Philip Smith of Oregon Sustainable
Bees.  Musical Parody by Scotty Perey.  If possible wear Bee costumes and
Beekeeper Suits!  Bring kazoos for the Bee Funeral Dirge March.  So it will be
easy to carpool, park near the library.  The goal of this action is education
and awareness. No civil disobedience is planned.

Please see the link to our facebook event page at  Also, click the youtube
video links so you can learn the two songs we will sing both at the rally and
outside at the garden store we plan to visit for a scavenger hunt.

Lyrics Video One:
Neo Neo Neo Neonicotinoids (to the tune of Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here)

Lyrics Video Two:
My Favorite Neonicotinoids (to the tune of “My Favorite Things”)

Neonicotinoids are a class of chemicals used as pesticides and they are
inadvertently destroying our bee populations. The pesticides are increasingly
common in garden products, sold widely by retailer garden stores and were
initially touted as harmless. Yet, the impact has been devastating on bees and
the chemicals impact other pollinators, birds and earthworms living in the
soil where it accumulates and does not biodegrade. Basically, its bad
technology. The EPA is dragging its feet dealing with the problem and
consequently is being sued by a coalition of groups. Also, following the death
of thousands of bees poisoned in Wilsonville, Oregon, legislation to suspend
the use of “neonics” until more investigation into its impact can be completed
was just introduced by an Oregon US Representative to Congress, Earl
Blumenhauer and Michigan US Rep John Conyers. More sponsors for the bill “Save
America’s Pollinators Act” are needed! Please see discussion at our facebook
group page at:

Oregon Sustainable Bees
Healthy Bees=Healthy Gardens
Beyond Toxics
Bee! Here! Now! (Project of Occupy Eugene Library and Education Committee)

TABLING INFO: provided by the groups above and also Northwest Coalition for
Alternatives to Pesticides, OSU Extension, Lane County Bee Association.

CONTACT: Jennifer Frenzer at

Press Release: Municipal Court Hearings Set for Occupy Eugene and SLEEPS Activists

Press Release



Contact: Lauren Regan, CLDC, 541-687-9180; Alley Valkyrie, 541-954-3779

Municipal Court Hearings to Dismiss Charges Against 20 Free Speech Activists

In Eugene Municipal Court, Courtroom 2, on Monday, July 15 at 9 a.m., Judge Karen Stennard will hear arguments regarding motions to dismiss criminal charges based upon constitutional challenges to the underlying arrests. Defense attorneys will argue that the Court must dismiss second-degree criminal trespass charges against 20 activists who refused to leave the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza in Eugene, in two separate incidents last winter as they were exercising First Amendment rights to assemble and protest government action. Lane County officials are expected to deliver testimony justifying the County’s decision to restrict access to the plaza.

The cases stem from two incidents that took place during a campaign at the plaza organized by an offshoot of Occupy Eugene called SLEEPS, to challenge Eugene’s camping ban and allow unhoused people access to safe and legal places to sleep. Both cases will rely upon an assertion by defendants that their actions were protected by both Oregon and U.S. Constitutional rights to protest.

According to Civil Liberties Defense Center attorney Lauren Regan, the Wayne Morse Plaza is a “traditional public forum,” which means the government’s ability to restrict activities there is extremely limited. Regan adds that similar charges of trespass against SLEEPS activists for refusing to leave the plaza in front of the Federal Building on 7th and Pearl in December were dropped by the Federal government.

The first case to be heard on Monday concerns an incident on December 13 when one protester refused to leave the Free Speech Plaza after it had been closed by an “indefinite closure order” issued by Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson. In another gross overstep by Richardson, she imposed the order without any prior consultation with Lane County Commissioners. The closure order followed a two-day lawful demonstration by SLEEPS at the plaza. At the time of the closure, Richardson alleged SLEEPS demonstrators damaged the building and created a bio-hazard. Other County staff people denied the activists were responsible for the minor incidents. Richardson also ordered the plaza surrounded by an iron barricade.

The SLEEPS protesters vigorously denied Richardson’s claims and said no evidence existed to support them. On December 13, one day after the closure, a group of activists entered the closed barricaded plaza to protest the closure of this revered Free Speech Plaza, and, when ordered to leave by the Eugene police, one protester remained and was cited for trespass. After this arrest, Richardson amended the long standing guidelines for the Wayne Morse Plaza and imposed a night time curfew that bans any First Amendment activity at the plaza.

The second case concerns an incident on January 7, when more than 100 activists remained at the Free Speech Plaza after the curfew took effect at 11 p.m. After the Eugene police ordered the protesters to leave, 21 remained and were cited for trespass. The protesters cited ranged in age from 16 to 68 and included a recent war veteran. The group contended that they have the right to protest at the plaza regardless of the hour and that recent lawsuits affirmed the law that curfews are generally deemed unconstitutional restrictions upon First Amendment rights. SLEEPS activist Jean Stacey said that the group was taking a stand for the right to protest and for the rights of un-housed people. On Monday, Judge Stennard will hear arguments from several defense attorneys regarding motions to dismiss the charges against 19 of this group.

This press release is from the Communications Committee of Occupy Eugene that has been empowered to speak on behalf of the larger Occupy Eugene body.