March Above And Beyond Monsanto, for Food Freedom!

On Saturday, October 12, Lane County residents will participate in the worldwide “March Against Monsanto” for World Food Day. Over 275 cities around the world are scheduled for events on the same day. In Eugene, we will hold a joyful celebration of sustainable agriculture dressed in Franken, mad scientist and veggie themes. This time we march toward solutions! We will march a short route downtown Eugene starting at the Wayne Morse Free Speech plaza (8th and Oak St.) at 11am, where Samba Ja and Jasun Plaedo Wellman will lead us off in great spirit, marching toward the event “Tools and Tactics for Sustainable Food Systems,” an informational panel moderated by Camilla Mortensen, investigative reporter at Eugene Weekly, followed by a short work party/informational meeting with leaders in area of your choice at The First Christian Church, 1166 Oak Street, where speakers from Center for Sustainability Law, Support Local Food Rights, Kid Food Matters, Healthy Bees Healthy Gardens, and GMO Free Oregon will talk about what’s being done locally and in- state toward sustainable food systems. They will address community rights, sustainable farming, and the dangers that GMOs present to our environment, health, and local economy, the laws and current campaigns afoot, as well as what you can do to help directly. Please join us for fun and community education and activation.