This weekend: NIX THE NEONICS

A Rally, Music, and A Fun Singalong Action to Save our Pollinators from Common
Garden Pesticides!

Saturday, July 20th rally at noon in the Free Speech Plaza on 8th & Oak.  March through
downtown to the Eugene Public Library. Carpool to a Garden Store to be
announced at the rally!

KEYNOTES: Lisa Arkin of Beyond Toxics and Philip Smith of Oregon Sustainable
Bees.  Musical Parody by Scotty Perey.  If possible wear Bee costumes and
Beekeeper Suits!  Bring kazoos for the Bee Funeral Dirge March.  So it will be
easy to carpool, park near the library.  The goal of this action is education
and awareness. No civil disobedience is planned.

Please see the link to our facebook event page at  Also, click the youtube
video links so you can learn the two songs we will sing both at the rally and
outside at the garden store we plan to visit for a scavenger hunt.

Lyrics Video One:
Neo Neo Neo Neonicotinoids (to the tune of Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here)

Lyrics Video Two:
My Favorite Neonicotinoids (to the tune of “My Favorite Things”)

Neonicotinoids are a class of chemicals used as pesticides and they are
inadvertently destroying our bee populations. The pesticides are increasingly
common in garden products, sold widely by retailer garden stores and were
initially touted as harmless. Yet, the impact has been devastating on bees and
the chemicals impact other pollinators, birds and earthworms living in the
soil where it accumulates and does not biodegrade. Basically, its bad
technology. The EPA is dragging its feet dealing with the problem and
consequently is being sued by a coalition of groups. Also, following the death
of thousands of bees poisoned in Wilsonville, Oregon, legislation to suspend
the use of “neonics” until more investigation into its impact can be completed
was just introduced by an Oregon US Representative to Congress, Earl
Blumenhauer and Michigan US Rep John Conyers. More sponsors for the bill “Save
America’s Pollinators Act” are needed! Please see discussion at our facebook
group page at:

Oregon Sustainable Bees
Healthy Bees=Healthy Gardens
Beyond Toxics
Bee! Here! Now! (Project of Occupy Eugene Library and Education Committee)

TABLING INFO: provided by the groups above and also Northwest Coalition for
Alternatives to Pesticides, OSU Extension, Lane County Bee Association.

CONTACT: Jennifer Frenzer at

Swarm Monsanto

Occupy Eugene will gather for coffee and donuts at the Old Federal Building Saturday May 25th at 10:00 AM to prepare for the March Against Monsanto. Occupiers will head over to the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 10:45 AM.
The World Wide March Against Monsanto begins at 11:00 AM. There will be a rally, march and party.

Please join Occupy Eugene and affinity groups to demand a sustainable GMO free food supply.

An Occupy Eugene Action

10am Saturday May 25 at Old Federal Building, 7th & Pearl Eugene OR

Let’s march together as Occupy in the March Against Monsanto on Saturday, May
25. Swarm into the Old Fed for coffee and donuts potluck (or drink/food of
your choice or nothing— please join in!) We’ll leave at 10:45 to buzz over to
the Wayne Morris Free Speech Plaza and join the march at 11:00.

Costumes & street theater:
Bees — black clothes or garbage bags with yellow duct tape stripes. Wings,
antennae. Monsanto —dress at you please, bring corn: corn stalks (real or
fake), ears of corn on strings/sticks to temp the bees. Bees buzz around with
signs “Save the Bees!”, Monsanto tempts, Bees die, Bees turn their signs over
“NO GMOs” and rise-up to pollinate again.

Needs to be a quick loop as we will be moving. If you don’t want to play in
the skit, please come with signs (or not) of your choice.

Occupy bandannas (message Brave Beatrice if you want one), patches, ribbons
etc. & Occupy signs will give us exposure, education, and recruitment
opportunities. Plus, it will be a ton of fun!

For more information or to get involved contact Beatrice at


11am Saturday May 25 at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, 8th & Oak Eugene OR

Fight for our food!! Join us for a Rally and March and Party for a sustainable
food system. Speakers, Music and more information to be announced as
available. This event is being held in conjunction with the worldwide March
Against Monsanto. Please spread the word!!

For more information go to

Benefit for Occupy Eugene

You are invited! Save the date!

What: Celebration of Art, Poetry, and Music: a benefit for Occupy Eugene

Where: Tsunami Books, 2585 Willamette Street, Eugene
When: Sunday, May 19, 2013, from 4 to 6 p.m.

Readings by Robert Hill Long, a Web Del Sol featured poet, Kirk Toncray, author of Behind the Signs, and Plaedo of Occupy and beyond.Also, Occupy Library Committee will present an Occupy Online Poetry community project.
Music by Scotty Perey and the Madison Meadow Music School. Silent auction includes paintings and sculptures by Mary Wagner, Dianne Story Cunningham, Cooper, Scott Fife, Margaret Matson (prints). Photography by Robert Hill Long and Rob Sydor. Other contributors include Hannah Goldrich, Shel, Tim Boyden, Chris Bellini, Graham Lewis, and vendors at Saturday market.
Also, Occupy Library Committee will present an Occupy Online Poetry community project. Everyone is invited to join in at by Scotty Perey and the Madison Meadow Music School. Silent auction includes paintings and sculptures by Mary Wagner, Dianne Story Cunningham, Cooper, Scott Fife, Margaret Matson (prints). Photography by Robert Hill Long and Rob Sydor. Other contributors include Hannah Goldrich, Shel, Tim Boyden, Chris Bellini, Graham Lewis, and vendors at Saturday market.

Contact Katia Siskron at siskron[at] or Christina Bellini at giulia.c.bellini[at] for more information.



May Day Celebration

May Day Celebration
Whose Streets?   Our Streets!
People of Eugene, RALLY for your Rights!
Make your voice heard in the fight for Economic and Social Justice, Workers' Rights, Immigration Reform, and Environmental Sanity.
Exercise your First Amendment Rights to speak, sing, march, and organize!
5:00pm Celebration Rally at Kesey Square, W. Broadway & Willamette
5:30pm Solidarity March from Kesey Square to the Old Federal Building
6:00pm Party & Potluck at the Old Fed--Family Friendly Speakers, Music, & Entertainment into the night!
Brought to you by:  Occupy Eugene, The Civil Liberties Defense Center, and Community Alliance of Lane County.



A coalition of peace, justice and labor activists, including Occupy Eugene have organized 
several actions on Tax Day, Monday April 15th.  The coalition's message is calling on 
Congress to redirect war dollars to fund human needs.  Also, activists are demanding 
continued USPS Saturday delivery and to keep the Springfield Gateway facility open. 

11:00 AM @ The downtown Post Office, 520 Willamette Street, Eugene OR.  Organizers will be 
providing taxpayers the opportunity to decide where their tax dollars go, by inviting them 
to participate in a penny poll.  The poll participants will be given 10 pennies to put in 
jars representing a 6-category breakdown of the Federal budget.

12:00 Noon @ The downtown Post Office.  There will be a rally with speakers and music
1:00 PM.  Procession mourning the human costs of war from the Post Office to the New 
Federal Bldg, with a 1:30 pm rally.  Marchers will turn in cards to the Congressional offices of Senators Merkley, Wyden and Representative DeFazio that call on 
them to take action to fund human needs and not war.

Nuclear Awareness Week for Fukushima 2yr. Anniversary

March 11 is the two yr. anniversary of the Fukushima Nuke Plant disaster.  Lets bring attention to our continuing unsafe lust for dirty energy at the cost of our planet and our future.  Occupy Eugene, the Survival Center, and CALC will be helping with a series of events throughout the week.

3/11/13 6pm @ Our Islands Conservation Center, 120 W. Broadway & Olive, Eugene OR
Opening Ceremony with music, potluck, community networking opportunities, nuclear film & discussion.

3/13/13 Noon @ EMU Ampitheater, 1228 University Ave. , UofO, Eugene OR
Nuclear Freedom Now!  Rally featuring speakers, music, spoken word, and theater to encourage nuclear awareness about issues in the Northwest and abroad.  March to share this information with our community at large.

3/14/13 7pm @ Harris Hall, 125 E. 8th Ave., Eugene OR
Post Ignorance Talk with Kevin D. Blanch.  Learn about the ongoing disaster in Fukushima and have discussion about solutions.

3/15/13 1pm to 4pm @ Kesey Square, Willamette & Broadway, Eugene OR
Kesey Square Revival goes Nuclear!  Speakers, theater and letter writing workshop; to address nuclear concerns around Hanford, Fukushima, and our need to Occupy Big Energy everywhere.

Occupy Eugene Media Group Office Grand Opening!

Tuesday, Nov. 27, 7pm at the Growers Market Round Table, 454 Willamette St.

OEMG has a new office at the Growers Market! To celebrate, we will be having a Grand Opening at 7pm, November 27. Come watch Occupy Eugene Media with us, share food, drink and conversation. Let’s celebrate our accomplishments! As Occupiers, we have had a great year and came a long way!


A Day of Action. An Evening of Celebration.

LAST REMINDER! It will be great fun for the whole family. You don’t want to
miss it!
Occupy Medical will have their new bus available for tours from 6pm to 9pm.
No medical services will be provided. Praise and donations accepted. Thanks
to Oregon Community Foundation and many donors who made this a reality.

If you would like to participate in any of the following actions or help with
tabling or preparation, please call Occupy Eugene at 541-525-0130.

Actions Of The Day:
–11:30am Meeting at Ninkasi, 272 Van Buren St.
Eugene Philanthropy Network Sidewalk repair
contact Plaedo

–2pm at Park Blocks on 8th & Oak
Break up the Big Banks and Arrest the Banksters Protest March
[keystone cops, silly string [mace], banksters, protesters, jailers]
contact Jen and Scotty

–5:30pm Meeting at Park Blocks on 8th & Oak
Houseless Solutions Memorial for our Homeless
contact Jean

–4:30pm Meeting at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza on 8th & Oak
Women’s Amplified Action
contact Lotus

–Noon Lunch
6pm Dinner
Served at the Park Blocks on 8th & Oak
contacts Jon, Diesel, and Gregory

6:00-6:20 Franklin Ladies Aide Society
6:20-6:30 Welcoming Speech
6:30-7:00 Franklin Ladies Society
7:00-7:45 Walker T. Ryan
7:45-8:10 Plaedo
8:10-8:30 Sparrow
8:30-8:50 Argus
9:00-10:00 Great All Merge

Occupy Interfaith
Deep Green Resistance
Cascadia Forest Defenders

– electricity – being arranged for or we’ll use generator if we have to
– set up
– sanitation
– tear down/clean up
– tabling shifts:



*Art inspired by or created for the Occupy Eugene movement*

Friday, Sept. 7th, 5:30-8 pm at Outpost A, 1191 Lawrence St., Eugene

Come and see some revolutionary art created the OE community, hear great live music, socialize and see what Occupy Eugene is up to currently. Featuring paintings, sculpture, photography and mixed media. Refreshments will be served.

Call for entries:

Art can be dropped off at 1191 Lawrence St. on  Thursday, September 6th, 5-8 pm or on Friday, September 7th, 10 am to 3 pm.

You will need a way to hook the art to the picket fence in front of the house or some type of self standing device such as an easel. The wire on the back of the frame should work. If wanted, tags will need to made by the artist with the name of the piece, the artist’s name, medium, price, etc., and you can donate part or all of the sale to OE.

The art will be stored on the porch and can be picked up after the event or on Saturday, Sept. 8.

We are also looking for 4 acoustic musicians to do 35 minute sets. No amplification please. Email Scott Fife at


5:30- 6:05 pm
6:10-6:40 Scott Fife
7:25-8 pm

The Occupation at 1191 Lawrence Street is a statement against the foreclosure crisis plaguing the country that is at the heart of the Great Recession and the big banks’ continuing criminal role in the crisis.

Roundtable Discussion About Oregon’s New Foreclosure Law


Occupy Housing-Foreclosure Action Committee (OH-FAC) will offer a roundtable discussion about a new Oregon foreclosure law, Senate Bill 1552, at EWEB’s Community Room, 500 E. 4th Avenue, at 7 p.m. on Thursday, August 30. OH-FAC supports housing as a human right and works with homeowners facing foreclosure

Under SB 1552—which created new provisions and amends ORS 86.705, 86.735, 86.740, 86.742, and 86.755—troubled Oregon homeowners now have the right to a mediation session with their bank, in which the bank must deal with them in an honest and transparent manner. The roundtable will discuss the actions homeowners must take to benefit from the protections offered under this law.

Chip Coker of Mediation Service and John Hoops, a broker for Windermere Realty, will join a homeowner dealing with foreclosure to talk about the opportunities and challenges offered by SB 1552, which is being called one of the best foreclosure laws in the country.

OH-FAC invites area homeowners to join us to learn how to make mediation work—whether or not mortgage payments are current—and to learn more about the rapidly changing legal status of the foreclosure crisis and how it may affect individuals, families, our local government, and the economy.

contact: Fergus Mclean
(541) 937-3034