SLEEPS Protest Camp

SLEEPS Protest Camp

Another Oregon winter has begun. Again, thousands of our unhoused citizens face another New Year with their basic human rights being violated by Eugene’s laws against sleeping. Forcing people from one place to another when they honestly have no where to go and no choice but to sleep, is a waste of city resources and anyone that agrees can email here. You can also go to a meeting and let your voice be heard. See local meetings for dates and times. Click on the post title to see a list of needs. 

Nightingale Health Sanctuary Opens New Rest Stop

Nightingale Health Sanctuary Opens New Rest Stop

On Dec. 8, the Eugene City Council approved Nightingale Health Sanctuary’s plan to operate a self-governed, village-style community on county land near the Lane County Behavioral Health building through April 2015. 

Nightingale welcomes new volunteers. If you want to help, please volunteer here or contact us at
If you would like to help with a financial contribution, you can donate here. Click on the post title to read more. 

Whoville - Update

Whoville – Update

Whoville continues their protest camp at 6th and MIll in Eugene despite being ticketed on 11//24 and 11/26 for violating the City camping ban. So we’re wondering, what’s up EPD with all the tickets? Is Whoville too safe, too peaceful, too clean, too sanitary? To learn more about Whoville and how you can help, go to 

Nightingale to Establish New Rest Stop

FINALLY – Lane County and the City of Eugene are working with Nightingale Health Sanctuary to establish a new rest stop on County land. The details are still being worked out, but it seems clear that the urgency of winter and the persistence of activists is pushing everyone to come up with solutions. Read this great article about the project in the Eugene Weekly County Steps Up 

OE Endorses Petition to the City Council - Modify the Camping Ban

OE Endorses Petition to the City Council – Modify the Camping Ban

Advocates for the unhoused are feeling the urgency of oncoming winter and the devastating consequences for those without shelter. There is simply no way that enough shelter is going to be available for the estimated 3,000 unhoused in our community. The only answer is for the City to modify the camping ban which criminalizes sleeping and puts those with no sanctioned place to sleep at risk of citation, arrest and confiscation of their property. 

Please click on the title post to read the petition that is going to be presented to the City Council. And please, please, please email the Council, and tell them that you support the petition to modify the camping ban. 

From an Occupier to Mayor Piercy: A Request for Sanctuary

From an Occupier to Mayor Piercy: A Request for Sanctuary

Our dear friend and comrade Art, has posted a letter to Eugene’s Mayor. His letter begins, “I have been asked by the Whoville Refuge Site to formally request that you offer them sanctuary as political refugees. I wish to argue that their rights, under both the U.S. Constitution and international law have been systematically violated. I further wish to argue that it is your responsibility as the Mayor of a Human Rights City to offer them sanctuary in order to remedy this situation.” 

Please click on the post title to read the entire letter. It is important and wrenching. And it begs the question, what will it take for the City to finally step up? 

Since When Do They Rent Our Sidewalks?

Apparently this is the City of Eugene Administration’s latest foray in their quest to rid our downtown of “undesirables,” aka people who dare to be downtown but aren’t buying anything. Please read this great article by Alley Valkyrie published in the Eugene Weekly.
Renting Sidewalks? | 

OE Endorses Fee Waiver for Whoville Shut-down Public Records

Our friends at SLEEPS have requested the release of public records about the shut-down of “Whoville.” They have been told by the City of Eugene that it will cost them $625.00 to receive electronic copies of the records. SLEEPS is requesting a fee waiver and explains “Our justification for the waiver is that this information is for the benefit of the public as informed citizens and participants in our democracy.”  

OE endorses SLEEPS request for a fee waiver and we encourage other groups and individuals to join. OE will post when the request is submitted and we will post the records once they are released to SLEEPS.  

Read more about SLEEPS request by clicking on the title. 

OEMG Receives Grant & Begins Media Project

OEMG Receives Grant & Begins Media Project

The Occupy Eugene Media Group was awarded a $6,600 Wayne Morse Center Project Grant!  

You can now see six new videos with more to come at 

The project we are working on is called Community Solutions Media–Supporting the Unhoused. We will be collecting, organizing, and sharing media from the last several years, beginning at the Occupy Eugene camps–so stay tuned. Thank you Wayne Morse Center! 

Eugene Dismisses Charges Against SLEEPS Activists

Eugene Dismisses Charges Against SLEEPS Activists

Jean Stacey, one of 11 SLEEPS activists arrested at a sit-in at Eugene City Manager Jon Ruiz’s office on April 1, asks “did city officials fear of testifying under oath lead to dismissal of charges?”  

The activists had been trying to meet with Ruiz to talk about his plan for Whoville, a legal camp for at risk unsheltered community members, but he kept refusing their requests. The sit-in was a last ditch effort by SLEEPS to engage Ruiz and prevent the premature shut down of Whoville. Stacey believes that a trial would have embarrassed and shamed city officials while revealing the extent of the debacle surrounding the closure of Whoville. The City Council had previously stated that they wanted another site to be available for the people at Whoville before the current site was closed. Ruiz instead chose to close the camp, in a military style police action, while the Council was on vacation. 

The City now claims that they want to work “collaboratively” with community members and “maintain a positive relationship with homeless advocates as the City progresses toward finding solutions…” Stacey says that she and other activists will be “watch-dogging the City’s promise.”