“Close the School of the Americas” Annual Benefit Concert, featuring Tom Rawson

LASC (Latin America Solidarity Committee’s) is raising money for local and national work to close the School of the Americas/WHINSEC, and defray costs of local activists going to the national protest.
September 30, 2017 7pm to 9pm
Wellsprings Friends School 3590 W. 18th Ave.
Eugene OR, 97405
Contact Information:
(541) 485-8633 or email lasc@efn.org
What is LASC? Link to their website

International Women and Women Aligned Day Rally

Intersectional People’s Network of Eugene/Springfield (a newly forming community organizing group), Disrupt! Eugene and So Just Collective invite the community to join them at A Rally for International Women and Women Aligned Day at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza this coming Wednesday, March 8th at 6:00 p.m. to celebrate “International Women’s Day,” as the groups take time to honor women and transfeminine people across all intersectionalities, as a community.

They gather to celebrate and center the lives and experiences of women of color, transgender, queer, non-binary people who are women aligned, disabled, indigenous and immigrant women. The three groups recognize how these identities intersecting with “womanhood” can directly interfere with a person’s prerogative to identify as simply “woman.” This event will have an anti-racist framework to give voice to people who have been underrepresented or misrepresented.

Ashanti Gilbert, one of the event’s organizers, says, “As an African American woman living in Eugene, I felt there was a need for marginalized women’s voices to be heard and celebrated from our own perspectives, whether immigrant, women of color, Muslim, disabled or woman aligned. Much of the organizing that happens here in Eugene usually is centered on the voices of white women. While I appreciate their efforts, many of us are not afforded the freedom to identify as just ‘woman.’ We are mostly identified by the adjective before woman, that is, Black woman, Muslim woman, disabled woman, et cetera. In conjunction with International Women’s Day, we celebrate those intersections.”

International Women & Women Aligned Day Rally on Facebook

Emily Semple Wins City Council Seat

Emily Semple (Occupy Eugene’s Brave Beatrice) has officially won a position on Eugene’s City Council. Lane County Elections has finalized the results and Emily won by 140 votes. We welcome her as our new representative for Ward 1 in Eugene. With national politics in turmoil we have managed to get one of our own occupiers in office to represent us locally! We have come a long way since the Eugene City Council was deciding our fate in Washington Jefferson Park. Congratulations and thank you for all you do and for being so awesome as to take on the system for us again.

Occupy Eugene’s own “Brave Beatrice” (Emily Semple) Is Running For Eugene City Council Ward 1

1pm Fri, Sat., and Sun. (May 6, 7, &8)
409 W. Broadway (Lawrence & Broadway), Eugene  OR
RSVP helpful but not required
(so we can have plenty pizza and cookies ready)
Beatrice REALLY needs volunteers who can give even as little as a couple hours toward bringing pamphlets to the doors of residents in Ward 1.  We need to let them know about their opportunity to vote for Emily as soon as possible!  Call anytime to be trained individually. Right now we don’t have enough helpers to do this important job, so we are calling Occupiers to action.  Please help us get one of our own into a place of representation, so we can be better represented!
Volunteer Campaign Manager Kristen Brandt:  541-515-2102

Lets get the last of Emily’s lawn signs up in Ward 1 from 7th to 29th Avenue and Willamette to City View.  If you live there please call or email so we can bring you a lawn sign.  If you know someone who lives there, let them know about Emily and help them get a lawn sign.  Please help others know “the choice is Semple”!
Volunteer Campaign Manager Kristen Brandt:  541-515-2102

Picture several intersections with people holding signs for Emily!  Cars honking in support as they drive by…  By showing our support and energy for her candidacy, we can show neighborhoods that voting for Emily is the best choice.  The more people see us supporting her, the more they will want to.  Please call or email to come get signs for a flashmob

Volunteer Campaign Manager Kristen Brandt:  541-515-2102

If enough people respond, we could parade downtown and in Ward 1 neighborhoods with signs for Emily!  The more people see us on the streets, the more people will want to follow our lead and support Emily Semple for Ward 1 City Councilor.  Come help Emily get elected.  Help her help you!  Please call or email to discuss when you might want to parade Eugene with signs for Emily.
Volunteer Campaign Manager Kristen Brandt:  541-515-2102

Elect EMILY — The choice is SEMPLE!

Go to http://emilysemple.org/ for more information.

Occupy Eugene General Assembly

Occupy Eugene continues to hold GA’s at Growers Market.

They are now being held at 6:00 pm on the first Monday of each month.

Please join us at our General Assembly at the Growers Market, 454 Willamette St., Eugene, OR.

OEMG Releases the Community Solutions Media Library Right Here on Our Website!

The Occupy Eugene Media Group has been working on an archive of photos, videos, and podcasts that is now finally available.  You can go directly to the Community Solutions Media Library at http://occupyeugenemedia.org/mediagroup/community-solutions-media/. The library is a table of contents full of media. We have more work to do but you can find a considerable amount of media there, beginning with Rob Sydor’s photos of Occupy Eugene’s first General Assembly September 29, 2011 and going all the way to our current efforts with Eugene’s Avant Gardeners, the Ninth Ward Protest Camp, and the various sanctioned camps that we have now. Twenty Producers have contributed so far with more to come.

We will be continuing to add media to the library and we hope that anyone who has relevant photos or videos will share them with us, so we can add them to the library also. You can put your photos on our Occupy Eugene Photos Facebook page, email Jana at occupyall1@gmail.com or call 541-606-2025 for more information.

Please comment on the library pages, so that we can all become a part of the OE library’s narrative, describing the Occupation in Eugene and all the good work that it has inspired. We hope for the library to be a platform for Occupiers to share media about their efforts and a place where others can find put about our good work easily. Please feel free to make a donation to Occupy Eugene or our media group. Anything helps and we promise to use it for good. We also encourage you to volunteer your time. We greatly appreciate any offer to help with recording, editing, or data input. We have a computer for use as well as camera equipment, thanks to the Wayne Morse Project Grant!

–And please email me any corrections if you spot a mistake in the library–


OEMG has released another video that we would like to share!

This is a music video from the solo version of “Poverty State”.  This song is on the album “Going To Lift My Voice” released May 22, 2015 by Steve Gibson with the Crosscurrent Duo. This is an amazing CD!!! Thank you Steve Gibson for the honor of producing your first music video.

Go to http://crosscurrentduo.com for more information.

Just wait until we come out with the Crosscurrent Duo version of “Poverty State”–with both Steve Gibson and Ken Zimmerman!