Occupy Eugene Member Hurt in Hit and Run

Dusk Winston, one of the 17 Occupy Eugene members arrested on November 17th actions was hit by a car yesterday in Portland, OR while participating in the actions to shutdown Portland commercial ports. Seen in the nearly 1 minute video above, protestors were gathered nonviolently in the street when a car approaches and without stopping 

Eugene City Council Decides on Camping Exemption…Sort Of

The City Council Chamber was packed out the door on Monday evening as supporters (and a few opponents) of Occupy Eugene turned out to discuss the planned vote on whether to extend OE’s camping ban exemption.  Because of the limited time, and due to the large numbers of respondents, Mayor Piercy decided to limit each 


On Friday, December 9th, the villagers of the Occupy Eugene camp created a voluntary set of agreements to live by on site in order to set a community standard . In two days over 160 villagers have signed. Villagers have come together to paint a picture of what their ideal community would like like and 

Occupy Eugene Vision Statement

Occupy Eugene Vision Statement

This vision statement has been approved by the General Assembly of Occupy Eugene. It is a living, evolving statement approved by consensus of the Occupy Eugene General Assembly, December 6, 2011. We are a nonviolent, non-partisan, social-political movement for accountability and responsibility in government. We stand in solidarity with Occupy Movements around the globe and 

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12.12 Support Occupy Eugene Monday!

12.12 Support Occupy Eugene Monday!

The Eugene City Council is being asked to support an extension of Occupy Eugene’s exemption to the no camping ordinance so the occupation can legally remain at Washington/Jefferson Park. The present exemption expires December 15 and the City council will meet to decide our fate this Monday, December 12th. Please join us to express your 

Photo by Rob Sydor

Support the Eugene 17

Please support our 17 comrades who were arrested on November 17, International Day of Action (arrested outside Bank of America and Chase on 11/17). *Fifteen of the Eugene 17 have their court date Dec. 8 at 1 p.m. at 777 Pearl St. Rm. 104. *Dusk Winston’s court date is 12/7 at 9 a.m. MUNICIPAL COURT 

New Occupy Eugene Meeting Schedule

Starting immediately Occupy Eugene will follow this new schedule Monday – Coordination Meeting 7:00 (Off-Site, check calendar for location) Tuesday – General Assembly 7:00 On-Site Wednesday – Village Meeting 7:00 On-Site (camp related issues only) Thursday – Coordination Meeting 7:00 On-Site Friday – General Assembly 7:00 On-Site Saturday – Open Assembly (formerly known as Grand 

Petition to the Mayor and City Council

Petition to the Mayor and City Council

PETITION TO THE MAYOR AND CITY COUNCIL OF EUGENE, OR We the undersigned request that the City of Eugene continue to partner with Occupy Eugene to provide a safe community to the hundreds of homeless who have been forced onto the streets due to the economic injustices of our times and who have now found 

Contact your City Councilor-Support an Extension of Occupy Eugene's Camping Exemption!!

Contact your City Councilor-Support an Extension of Occupy Eugene’s Camping Exemption!!

Please contact your local City Councilor asap and ask him/her to support an extension of Occupy Eugene’s exemption to the no camping ordinance. December 15th, Occupy Eugene’s present exemption expires. Contact your City Councilor and ask him/her to allow the occupation to continue at Washington/Jefferson Park. If you don’t know who your councilor is, click