We stand in solidarity with the students and teachers at Occupy Cal

We stand in solidarity with the students and teachers at Occupy Cal

As shown in this video, U.C. Berkeley students trying to set up an Occupy encampment faced a violent altercation with campus police, who arrested seven protesters and tore down tents along the campus’ Sproul Plaza Wednesday afternoon. The police, wearing riot gear, clashed with students again Wednesday evening as they attempted to reestablish their camp.

Halloween Zombie March

Halloween Zombie March

Come join us for our Halloween Zombie March on Oct. 31st at Riverfront Research Park (located on the corner of Franklin and Onyx). There will be two marches, one at 12:00pm and one at 4:30pm. Show up an hour before the march for zombification! You may not have realized, but there are significant advantages to zombification; as well, costumes can be very political and sometimes tragic.

Occupy Eugene moves to the University of Oregon

Late Wednesday night, in an exercise of consensus process and direct democracy, the community known as Occupy Eugene elected to relocate to the University of Oregon campus. After hours of negotiations on Thursday between the University and representatives of Occupy Eugene, it was decided that the occupation would move to the Millrace Park on East 11th Avenue

Occupy the University March and Temporary Occupation

Occupy Eugene will stage an “Occupy the University” rally at 12:00 p.m. this afternoon from the current occupation site at Alton Baker Park to call attention to the rising cost of education, predatory student loans, the lack of employment options for college graduates, and the crippling amounts of debt students must take on for access

Eugene City Council votes 5-3 in favor of exemption

Eugene City Council votes 5-3 in favor of exemption

The Eugene City Council on Monday evening voted 5-3 in favor of granting Occupy Eugene formal permission to camp at Alton Baker Park through December 15. In all, 22 different speakers stood before the council to present their opinions on exempting Occupy Eugene from the city ordinance that prohibits camping within the city limits. Though there were some in opposition, the majority who spoke voiced their support for the waiver.

Meeting between OE & the City Manager and EPD

This message was prepared by two participants of the Friday (10/21) meeting with the City Manager and Eugene Police Department (EPD), which started a discussion about suspending the order for arrests on Friday night and finding a viable site for Occupy Eugene.

City Council Meeting – Tonight 10/24 at 7:30pm

The City Manager will be making a proposal to the City Council to permit a temporary Occupy Eugene site at Alton Baker Park (ABP) while the City and OE work to locate a permanent site. Given the fact that OE currently occupies ABP—and is not sure about our future location—OE encourages community members to show up in support of this proposal. For background on the earlier meeting between OE, the City Manager and EPD, please see this article.

Occupy Eugene moves to Alton Baker Park

Occupy Eugene has relocated to Alton Baker Park. We thank our community for their continued support, and we hope you will join us at our new location as we continue engaging in this important dialogue.

Committee Points of Contact for Financial Requests

Attention all Committees: Please send contact information for who your primary and secondary point of contact for the finance committee will be to oec_finance [at] As discussed at a previous GA, these will be the people that will be the point of contact between your committee and the finance committee for the handling of