Don’t Ban Me! A March for Homeless Rights

Join Ward 9 Homeless Neighbors Association to March for Homeless Rights
Meet At the Hult Center gathering on Willamette, between 6th & 7th ave.
Wednesday, September 27, 2017 5pm
The dog ban, camping ban, sleeping ban, sitting ban – the City of Eugene is banning homelessness by banning what we need to survive: sleep, rest, companionship, and community.
If you are on Facebook, you can invite your friends.

Global Fast Food Strike – Rally and March

The fast-food worker movement for higher pay is about to go global.

At a press conference outside a Midtown Manhattan McDonald’s on Wednesday, Fast Food Forward, a group representing U.S. fast-food workers, announced that workers from dozens of countries on six continents are joining the push for higher pay and workers’ rights.

The group announced nationwide strike plans for May 15 — a date which mirrors the $15 per hour pay they are demanding. On that same date, workers from dozens of countries on six continents will hold protests at McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC outlets. It is not known how many workers will strike, but thousands of the nation’s estimated 4 million fast-food workers are expected to take part in the one-day strike.

This weekend: NIX THE NEONICS

A Rally, Music, and A Fun Singalong Action to Save our Pollinators from Common
Garden Pesticides!

Saturday, July 20th rally at noon in the Free Speech Plaza on 8th & Oak.  March through
downtown to the Eugene Public Library. Carpool to a Garden Store to be
announced at the rally!

KEYNOTES: Lisa Arkin of Beyond Toxics and Philip Smith of Oregon Sustainable
Bees.  Musical Parody by Scotty Perey.  If possible wear Bee costumes and
Beekeeper Suits!  Bring kazoos for the Bee Funeral Dirge March.  So it will be
easy to carpool, park near the library.  The goal of this action is education
and awareness. No civil disobedience is planned.

Please see the link to our facebook event page at  Also, click the youtube
video links so you can learn the two songs we will sing both at the rally and
outside at the garden store we plan to visit for a scavenger hunt.

Lyrics Video One:
Neo Neo Neo Neonicotinoids (to the tune of Lolly, Lolly Get Your Adverbs Here)

Lyrics Video Two:
My Favorite Neonicotinoids (to the tune of “My Favorite Things”)

Neonicotinoids are a class of chemicals used as pesticides and they are
inadvertently destroying our bee populations. The pesticides are increasingly
common in garden products, sold widely by retailer garden stores and were
initially touted as harmless. Yet, the impact has been devastating on bees and
the chemicals impact other pollinators, birds and earthworms living in the
soil where it accumulates and does not biodegrade. Basically, its bad
technology. The EPA is dragging its feet dealing with the problem and
consequently is being sued by a coalition of groups. Also, following the death
of thousands of bees poisoned in Wilsonville, Oregon, legislation to suspend
the use of “neonics” until more investigation into its impact can be completed
was just introduced by an Oregon US Representative to Congress, Earl
Blumenhauer and Michigan US Rep John Conyers. More sponsors for the bill “Save
America’s Pollinators Act” are needed! Please see discussion at our facebook
group page at:

Oregon Sustainable Bees
Healthy Bees=Healthy Gardens
Beyond Toxics
Bee! Here! Now! (Project of Occupy Eugene Library and Education Committee)

TABLING INFO: provided by the groups above and also Northwest Coalition for
Alternatives to Pesticides, OSU Extension, Lane County Bee Association.

CONTACT: Jennifer Frenzer at

Swarm Monsanto

Occupy Eugene will gather for coffee and donuts at the Old Federal Building Saturday May 25th at 10:00 AM to prepare for the March Against Monsanto. Occupiers will head over to the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at 10:45 AM.
The World Wide March Against Monsanto begins at 11:00 AM. There will be a rally, march and party.

Please join Occupy Eugene and affinity groups to demand a sustainable GMO free food supply.

An Occupy Eugene Action

10am Saturday May 25 at Old Federal Building, 7th & Pearl Eugene OR

Let’s march together as Occupy in the March Against Monsanto on Saturday, May
25. Swarm into the Old Fed for coffee and donuts potluck (or drink/food of
your choice or nothing— please join in!) We’ll leave at 10:45 to buzz over to
the Wayne Morris Free Speech Plaza and join the march at 11:00.

Costumes & street theater:
Bees — black clothes or garbage bags with yellow duct tape stripes. Wings,
antennae. Monsanto —dress at you please, bring corn: corn stalks (real or
fake), ears of corn on strings/sticks to temp the bees. Bees buzz around with
signs “Save the Bees!”, Monsanto tempts, Bees die, Bees turn their signs over
“NO GMOs” and rise-up to pollinate again.

Needs to be a quick loop as we will be moving. If you don’t want to play in
the skit, please come with signs (or not) of your choice.

Occupy bandannas (message Brave Beatrice if you want one), patches, ribbons
etc. & Occupy signs will give us exposure, education, and recruitment
opportunities. Plus, it will be a ton of fun!

For more information or to get involved contact Beatrice at


11am Saturday May 25 at Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza, 8th & Oak Eugene OR

Fight for our food!! Join us for a Rally and March and Party for a sustainable
food system. Speakers, Music and more information to be announced as
available. This event is being held in conjunction with the worldwide March
Against Monsanto. Please spread the word!!

For more information go to

May Day Celebration

May Day Celebration
Whose Streets?   Our Streets!
People of Eugene, RALLY for your Rights!
Make your voice heard in the fight for Economic and Social Justice, Workers' Rights, Immigration Reform, and Environmental Sanity.
Exercise your First Amendment Rights to speak, sing, march, and organize!
5:00pm Celebration Rally at Kesey Square, W. Broadway & Willamette
5:30pm Solidarity March from Kesey Square to the Old Federal Building
6:00pm Party & Potluck at the Old Fed--Family Friendly Speakers, Music, & Entertainment into the night!
Brought to you by:  Occupy Eugene, The Civil Liberties Defense Center, and Community Alliance of Lane County.


Tug of War at EWEB Earth Day Celebration: Press Release

Contact: Scott Fife at iconoclasmo.scott@gmail.com541-232-2868
Occupy Eugene Earth Day Event Asks, “Is EWEB’s Green Image Just Greenwashing?”
April 18, 2013 – This Saturday, April 20, during EWEB’s 2013 Earth Day Celebration and beginning at 1 pm, Occupy Eugene will stage a “Tug of War” at 500 E. 4th Avenue in Eugene. Participants in this demonstration of the “pull between good and bad energy” want to encourage EWEB to move towards sustainable, decentralized power sources and farther away from the unsustainable, destructive, centralized power that currently comprises the majority of its energy portfolio.
Occupy organizer Scott Fife explains the symbolism of the exercise: “The survival of humanity will be decided in a total tug of war smackdown between good energy versus bad energy sources.” Fife suggests that EWEB greenwashes power sources that may not be so green by making unsubstantiated or misleading claims about the environmental benefits of its products, services, and technology.
At the event, Occupy Eugene will distribute handouts to inform and encourage people in our community to call their EWEB representatives and demand that EWEB’s green energy be “truly green.” In addition, a participant in the role of sportscaster will introduce and provide commentary on the bout between bad energy (fracking, nuclear, coal, biomass generation, and large dam hyrdopower) and good energy (solar, ocean-wave and tidal, biogas, and geothermal).
This press release is from the Communications Committee of Occupy Eugene that has been empowered to speak on behalf of the larger Occupy Eugene body.

Nuclear Awareness Week for Fukushima 2yr. Anniversary

March 11 is the two yr. anniversary of the Fukushima Nuke Plant disaster.  Lets bring attention to our continuing unsafe lust for dirty energy at the cost of our planet and our future.  Occupy Eugene, the Survival Center, and CALC will be helping with a series of events throughout the week.

3/11/13 6pm @ Our Islands Conservation Center, 120 W. Broadway & Olive, Eugene OR
Opening Ceremony with music, potluck, community networking opportunities, nuclear film & discussion.

3/13/13 Noon @ EMU Ampitheater, 1228 University Ave. , UofO, Eugene OR
Nuclear Freedom Now!  Rally featuring speakers, music, spoken word, and theater to encourage nuclear awareness about issues in the Northwest and abroad.  March to share this information with our community at large.

3/14/13 7pm @ Harris Hall, 125 E. 8th Ave., Eugene OR
Post Ignorance Talk with Kevin D. Blanch.  Learn about the ongoing disaster in Fukushima and have discussion about solutions.

3/15/13 1pm to 4pm @ Kesey Square, Willamette & Broadway, Eugene OR
Kesey Square Revival goes Nuclear!  Speakers, theater and letter writing workshop; to address nuclear concerns around Hanford, Fukushima, and our need to Occupy Big Energy everywhere.


5pm Friday, February 22 in the Whiteaker NeighborhoodThe SLEEPS’ Strike Team will offer a view into the darker side of being a human, un-housed, and trying to sleep on the streets of Eugene, Oregon.
Every night the human biological need to sleep demands its time and space.  It has no mercy, nor heed to environment.  And short of death nothing can ever prevent it. The uncontrollable consequences of being human are inescapable for all human beings. However, for those in our community that are un-housed the consequences shift in hue and tone to a sometimes very dark reality. How would you sleep if you knew each night’s effort to sleep was a roll of the dice, with the odds always against you…

Come join our Last Friday Art Walk Street Theater team for a night of light vs dark and life vs death.

And as always SLEEPS asks you to consider what role you fill in the urban theater we call life?

For more information contact Hedin at

OE Activists Occupy Courtyard of Old Federal Building

A group of Occupy Eugene activists spontaneously began occupying the old Federal Building courtyard at 7th and Pearl streets on the evening of May 1.

They have obtained a 30-day permit from the GSA to be there although they cannot erect tents and must leave pathways into the building clear. They do have a tarp-covered structure where they can keep dry.

The demonstrators encourage other OE members to join them at the protest site. In addition to food and drink the occupiers would like materials to make sturdy signs and  a 200-foot extension cord. Amplification is allowed at the site, as is vending.

If you are driving by on Pearl or 7th,  please honk to show them your support.