Action Alert!

Come to Town Hall at MacCourt (University St. near 18th) at 3 p.m.  today, Wed. November 30, for an Occupy action on tuition rates, student loans and the cost of education, brought to you by our Education Alliance. #occupyeugene #occupyoregon Please forward.

Occupy Eugene a Stop on Last Friday Art Walk

Occupy Eugene is part of this month’s Last Friday Art Walk! So from 6-9 on November 25th (Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving) we will be an Art Walk stop with live music and arts galore at camp in Washington Jefferson Park.

If you would like to contribute art to the cause, please contact Dani: hendrickson.dani [at] or Daniel: droque99 [at]

The event will be part of a larger campaign this Black Friday to break the chains of consumerism.  The Art Walk stop will take place along with “Buy Nothing Day” and Occupy the Mall on Black Friday.

In line with Buy Nothing Day Occupy Eugene is calling any artist to facilitate play-shops (workshops) during the day to give people an opportunity to make art with their family instead of taking part in mass consumption.

If interested, determine a time and place (either on the occupation site, or off the occupation site) to host a playshop.

We can help promote your play-shop (although you should also self-promote to your web of family and friends). If you would like help with promoting the event, contact plaedo7 [at]

Check out Occupy Eugene highlighted in Eugene Last Friday ArtWalk

  1. Sam Bond’s Garage
    407 Blair Blvd.
    Assorted Acrylic paintings by local muralist Kari Johnson.
  2. Michael DiBitetto
    201 Blair Blvd.
    Not Showing this month.
  3. Ninkasi Brewery (Minors until 8 P.M.)
    272 Van Buren
    “A Bee’s Eye View” and attempts to capture the fantastic array of colors and shapes in Nature. Photography by Geoffrey May
  4. The Hot Shop Art Glass Studio
    1093 W. 1st (red door on Van Buren)
    Holiday Show and Sale. Come warm up with glass blowing demonstrations, hot cocoa and get all of your holiday shopping done.
  5. Territorial Vineyards
    Third and Adams
    “Something old something new”. Paintings by
    Richard Quigley. MANOUCHE NOIR (gypsy jazz) will be playing 7-10 P.M.
  6. Wandering Goat Coffee
    268 Madison St.
    “Post-Humous Publication”. Mixed media by
    Jacqueline Petosa and Noah Crabtree.
  7. Jawbreaker Gallery
    796 West Fourth
    “Pencil drawings” by Kavika.
  8. Pizza Research Institute
    530 Blair Blvd.
    “Something Old, Something New”. Acrylics, watercolors, and
    drawings by Richard Quigley.
  9. New Frontier Market
    1101 West 8th Ave.
    Healthy, fun, and Nutritious local art.
  10. Occupy Eugene
    Washington Jefferson Park between 6th and 7th
    “Signs of Protest”. Mixed media and Music by Occupiers. By creating art, we express ourselves and the politics we embody, and are able to communicate our messages in an entertaining manner. This is art made by the people and for the people, both personal and political; art that wants to make the world a better place.
  11. Museum of Unfine Art
    537 Willamette St.
    Jeff Faulk, Katy Flanagan, Victor Brinkley,
    Caroline Louise McNabb.
  12. Buy Nothing But Art Day
    Let your lack of a voice be heard.

Occupy the Mall on Buy Nothing Day

Occupy the Mall FlyerFor every dollar or credit spent on gifts, we sacrifice time, giving something material in exchange for providing our friends and family with the gift of ourselves.

We remain deprived of connection with those around us, and struggle to fill this emptiness with commodities that we do not need. In reality, all we need is one another. BUY NOTHING.

On Buy Nothing Day, “the goal is to give presence, not presents,” says Kristen Carpenter, a member of the Occupy Eugene Actions committee. “The only gifts to give are those that can be measured in heart. Break the chains of consumerism, give your family the gift of time.”

In celebration of Buy Nothing Day, this Nov. 24th (Thanksgiving) at 11:45pm until 9:00 pm, Nov. 25th (Black Friday) there will be a midnight madness flash mob, “Occupy the Mall” at the Valley River Center in Eugene, OR.

You’ve probably seen other flash mobs, where unsuspecting strangers in a public space were suddenly treated a visual and audio feast of music, signing and dancing. Word is that this event will be “EPIC”!

For More Info: Text @oe_actions to 23559 to sign up for flashmob text alert system/instructions and actions alerts.

Form an affinity group and make it a party! Contact Kristen at delta32 [at] for affinity group instructions.

Download the flyer and pass it around.


Alternate flyer for this event

“You have succeeded in life when all you really want is only what you really need.” ~Vernon Howard

“Business is the art of extracting money from another man’s pocket without resorting to violence.” ~Max Amsterdam

Thursday, Nov 17th is International Day of Action

This Thursday, November 17th, Occupy Wall Street (OWS) has called for an International Day of Action. In solidarity with OWS, Occupy Eugene is encouraging everyone to participate in this day of non-violent and direct action.

March With Us from Wake the Beast on Vimeo.

There will be a march on the banks starting at the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza – 8th & Oak at 12:00pm.  We will march against the banks along with the Eugene Springfield Solidarity Network and the Industrial Workers of the World.

The  march will be focusing on direct action and civil disobedience against big banks and corporate influence in the U.S. government. The march will convene at noon in the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza and march to several national bank branches downtown. A stop will be made at the U.S. Bank branch to protest the State of Oregon’s contract with them for the “ReliaCard,” which is used to issue unemployment benefits.

The National Consumer Law Center recently released a report on unemployment benefit cards, in which Oregon received a “thumbs down” ranking for the overdraft fees associated with the U.S. Bank-issued ReliaCard.

According to, Richard Davis, head of U.S. Bank, says the company expects to recoup about half of potential lost profits from swipe fee reform by nickel and diming the unemployed through prepaid cards and related products.

Nov. 17th marks the two month anniversary of several hundred courageous individuals who began occupying Liberty Square (Zuccotti Park). Since then their actions have given birth to the 99% movement that has spread across the country and around the world.

Last night OWS was evicted by New York Police. As of this writing OWS is still fighting for a place to occupy so that their voices can continue to be heard.

Let’s come together this Thursday to celebrate the accomplishments of OWS and tell the world that we will not give up easily.

Participate in a national day of direct non-violent action and celebration!

National Day of Action Against Banks Flyer | Umpqua Bank Flyer Quarter Sheets | National Day of Action Against Banks Quarter Sheets

International Day of Action poster

High-quality, print-ready versions (11×17, 15×24, 23×36) are available as a freely downloadable .zip file.

Let’s get these posters everywhere! The artist’s only stipulation is that they cannot be sold, only given away.

Props to for his amazing work!

*** Please support our 17 comrades who were arrested on this day.

*Fifteen of the Eugene 17 (arrested outside Bank of America and Chase on 11/17) have their court date Dec. 8 at 1 p.m. at 777 Pearl St. Rm. 104. Show up to support them!

*Dusk Winston’s court date is 12/7 at 9 a.m. MUNICIPAL COURT 777 PEARL ST. RM. 104

*Jacob Keeton’s court date is 12/9 at 9 a.m. MUNICIPAL COURT 777 PEARL RM 104

Defend the Egyptian Revolution – End Military Trials for Civilians

Defend the Egyptian Revolution – End Military Trials for CiviliansOccupy Eugene will have a day of action on Saturday, November 12, beginning at 12:00pm. We will meet at Free Speech plaza, march at noon to the Federal Building (as it is the most visible representation of the US Government in Eugene), and then march to the occupation site at 6th & Washington.

Once at the park, we will have a Middle-Eastern Community potluck at 1:30pm, show educational videos about the Egyptian Revolution, and have a videoconference with our fellow activists in Egypt. Our goal is to highlight the ongoing struggle of the Egyptian Revolution and the difficulties they face as they try to press forward and create a truly democratic society. In aligning with the struggles of other resistance movements across the globe, we strengthen our resolve and edge closer to achieving the liberation of the 99%.

Occupy Eugene wishes to express its solidarity with the ongoing Egyptian Revolution. In light of the email the Occupy movement has received from Egyptian activists, Occupy Eugene has agreed to the following statements:

We applaud the brave efforts of our sisters and brothers in Egypt that resulted in the overthrow of Mubarak on February 11, 2011

  • We recognize that Mubarak’s removal was only the first stage in the Egyptian Revolution, since his apparatus of power remains
  • We oppose the use of military tribunals against civilians, adult sentences for minors, the rampant use of torture, and sexual assault of female prisoners
  • We condemn our government’s continued provision of “military aid” and “development loans” to the Egyptian military government. The US provides $1.3 billion in aid each year to the Egyptian military. The tear gas, guns, and other weapons we provide are being used to suppress Egyptians’ human right to free speech and assembly, and “development” has only meant lower wages, less job security, and more privatization of essential social services
  • We agree that elections cannot provide a “transition to democracy” in a government that is dominated by “a junta that holds legislative, executive, and judicial authority” (as quoted in the email from Egyptian activists). The Egyptian government shows its true face, the real meaning of its commitment to democracy, when it systematically targets those who speak out against them
  • Finally, we recognize the shared nature of our struggles — we acknowledge that economic and political democracy in the United States is impossible while the 1% continue to practice economic devastation and political repression abroad. Occupy Eugene expresses our solidarity with our sisters and brothers as they defend the Egyptian Revolution

الشعب يريد إسقاط النظام‎

In Solidarity,

Occupy Eugene

Meeting between OE & the City Manager and EPD

This message was prepared by two participants of the Friday (10/21) meeting with the City Manager and EPD, which started a discussion about suspending the order for arrests on Friday night and finding a viable site for Occupy Eugene.

The meeting that occurred on Friday morning at 11:00 am was solely for the purpose of opening channels of communication between the City of Eugene and Occupy Eugene, and specifically to address the movement of the occupation site. The meeting was not called by the City, the Eugene Police Department, or Occupy Eugene; all groups were expressing a wish to communicate but no official meeting had been scheduled as of 9:30 pm on Thursday evening—if anything, it was you, the community, that prompted the meeting.

All concerned groups—Occupy Eugene, the City of Eugene, EPD, and individual members of the community working for or representing local social justice nonprofits—expressed the desire to “talk” about 1) how to avoid arrests Friday evening; and 2) how to keep the channels of communication open as the movement grows and puts down roots. Again, no one group nor person attempted to do anything other than protect the right of Occupy Eugene to express political speech without courting arrest.

We were in the room during the 10/21 meeting, which included: the City Manager, Officer Kamkar, Police Chief Kerns, five people from Occupy Eugene, four people representing community non-profits who have also been active participants with Occupy Eugene from the very first GA to present, three community mediators, there only to “facilitate” discussion, and one person I do not know.
 We were present for the entire meeting, and what follows is our recollection of the significant talking points.

  • In a verbal message to Legal, the City of Eugene ordered OE to leave the park blocks by 5pm and indicated that it would not tolerate a reoccupation of any site in the City otherwise there would be arrests. Initially, this was the focal point of discussion but it quickly became clear that the city would in fact tolerate a relocation, and that there would be no arrests. However, they wanted to know where OE would move.
  • OE representatives refused to divulge the Friday march route or potential occupation site(s). They stated unequivocally that they did not have permission from the GA to divulge the location but that a committee had carefully surveyed possible sites in a series of open meetings.
  • No one negotiated anything regarding a future or more permanent site for Occupy Eugene. General discussion about the types of criteria being applied to site selection did happen, but again, the OE representatives did not divulge where Occupy Eugene was moving on Friday afternoon. EPD said they would like to know but they did not press anyone, ever, to divulge that piece of information. All present asked EPD and the City Manager to trust that it would be done respectfully and without violence. The City had been very impressed by the level of organization and safety in the park blocks.
  • OE representatives suggested that the City Manager find a way to avoid “enforcement of the camping ordinance” and the “11:00 pm curfew.” The city manager was willing to find a way.

We have not mentioned the names of the individuals present, only because we have not asked their permission to publish their names or the names of their organizations.

Student Solidarity Rally

The people of Montreal, Quebec, have joined students on strike in daily demonstrations numbering in the hundreds of thousands. The strikes have been underway for more than 100 days, and seem to be expanding to other parts of Canada, along with showings of student power in Chicago, Chile, and elsewhere.

On June 11, we will take to the streets of Eugene, from 7 to 11 p.m. banging pots and pans to show our support for students in Montreal, Eugene, and around the world.

Please bring: pots or pans and safety pins – red squares will be provided and wear black on your top half and jeans or your school’s branded attire on the bottom.

Cut a square out of a piece of red fabric and wear it on your clothing or bag every day. The red square is a symbol of support for the Montreal student strikes and is quickly becoming a symbol of support for resistance movements everywhere.

Add the red square to your profile picture on Facebook or your avatar on Twitter:

The current model of higher education require students to go into debt that will take far longer to pay off and cost far more than they ever spend at the university. This model is destructive to society because it builds a large underclass of debtors and moves wealth away from the general population, into the hands of the few. To quote Occupy Portland, “With increases in tuition showing no signs of stopping, and the student debt bubble recently breaching the trillion dollar mark, it is high time the people rise up to condemn the profiteering of the civil right of education.”

Global Protest – Rally at the Fed!

What: Rally at the Old Federal Building
Where: E 7th Ave and Pearl St.
When: Saturday, May 12,  12:00pm- 3:00pm

In solidarity with the many actions in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere. See for a list of all of the cities where people are rallying around the globe.

Our demands are for:

  • Social Justice
  • Equitable Wealth Distribution
  • Environmental Protection & Restoration of the Commons

Contact: Vincent Kelley or Fred Schminke or

Press Conference: Moratorium on Foreclosures Now!

On Friday, May 11, on the steps of the Lane County Courthouse at noon, Occupy Eugene’s Foreclosure Committee will hold a press conference calling on Governor John Kitzhaber and Attorney General John Kroger to declare a moratorium on all foreclosures in the state.

The public is invited to attend this press conference, along with members of the local media. The event will last approximately half an hour.

Occupy Eugene is committed to the principle “Housing is a human right.”  People should not be evicted. Occupy Eugene’s research has shown the many foreclosures are fraudulent.

When: Friday, May 11, Noon.

Where: steps of the Lane County Courthouse, 8th & Oak.

May Day Strike!


In solidarity with Occupy May Day General Strike we, Occupy Eugene, are gathering together May 1st to stand up against injustices, imbalances, and corruption brought about by corporate greed and the 1% who benefit from the massive system of oppression facing this and future generations. On May Day, we are asking everyone to stand in solidarity and not go to work or school! This is a call-out to gather in the streets alongside members of Occupy Eugene to send YOUR message to our favorite banks: Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo. There will be a rally at 1274 W. 7th Ave (7th & Polk) at 10am on May 1, starting with a peacekeeping training before we hit the streets! For more information, go to:

* [Occupy Eugene-><>] – Our home page.
* Facebook event— [MAYDAY GENERAL STRIKE!-><> ] – Event invite.

*Contact: [Occupy Eugene-><>] , Lotus Occupied (541) 813-9012


Dress up, bring signs and beads, and be prepared to party with ALL your favorite banks!

Calling on all people of the world to take part in a Global Strike. The goal is to shut down commerce worldwide and show the 1% that we will not be taken for granted, we will not be silenced, we will not move until our grievances are redressed.

General Strike and Boycott called
for immigrant rights
for an end to wars
for economic, social, and environmental justice and labor rights
for peace with justice
for civil liberties and an end to the police state
for housing, education, and healthcare as human rights
for women’s rights and gender equity

May 1 has been declared a day of civil disobedience. People on every continent, in every country, and in every city will take to the streets.

“We can tell you that May 1st is International Workers Day. We can tell you that in some countries it’s a public holiday to commemorate the historic gains made by the Labor movement. We can tell you that in Los Angeles, May 1st is traditionally a day to celebrate and make a stand for immigrant rights.

But only you can tell us what you’re striking for on May 1st, 2012.

Because the May 1st General Strike is about you. It’s about the debt imposed on you for daring to dream about a college education. It’s about the healthcare you can’t afford, the family member with a disease which goes untreated because they lack insurance. It’s about your car that got repo-ed after you lost your job. It’s about your home that got foreclosed on when the bank went bust. It’s about your family, who came here for a better future, and got lost in the broken immigration system, and found that they’re denied access to legal work, education and security because they’re undocumented. It’s about you, the gay kid who gets bullied at school, and will grow up in a country which denies you equality and humanity, simply because you love someone of the same gender. It’s about the fact there’s no jobs, even if you got that college education and those grades. It’s about the single mother who struggles to support her kids on minimum wage – which is not a living wage. It’s about the woman who makes it through Harvard, works her ass off in one of the best law firms in the country, and constantly loses out on that promotion because she’s not a man. It’s about the homeless African-American guy who lives on Skid Row and gets thrown in jail for peeing in a park, because there are no toilet facilities on the street for those like him. It’s about the protestor who gets beaten and thrown in jail for holding a sign in a public space which says he’s had enough. It’s about the farmer who’s had to leave his home and work, because the state raised his land tax. It’s about the father who loses a son to a pointless war over oil in a foreign land.

It’s about the fact this is not the America we were brought up to believe in.

Make America a Reality.”

People on every continent, in every country, and in every city will take to the streets for a day of civil disobedience.

Join Occupy Eugene downtown for a May Day Mardi Gras-style party. Dress up, bring signs and beads, and be prepared to party with ALL your favorite banks!


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