May Day Strike!


In solidarity with Occupy May Day General Strike we, Occupy Eugene, are gathering together May 1st to stand up against injustices, imbalances, and corruption brought about by corporate greed and the 1% who benefit from the massive system of oppression facing this and future generations. On May Day, we are asking everyone to stand in solidarity and not go to work or school! This is a call-out to gather in the streets alongside members of Occupy Eugene to send YOUR message to our favorite banks: Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo. There will be a rally at 1274 W. 7th Ave (7th & Polk) at 10am on May 1, starting with a peacekeeping training before we hit the streets! For more information, go to:

* [Occupy Eugene-><>] – Our home page.
* Facebook event— [MAYDAY GENERAL STRIKE!-><> ] – Event invite.

*Contact: [Occupy Eugene-><>] , Lotus Occupied (541) 813-9012


Dress up, bring signs and beads, and be prepared to party with ALL your favorite banks!

Calling on all people of the world to take part in a Global Strike. The goal is to shut down commerce worldwide and show the 1% that we will not be taken for granted, we will not be silenced, we will not move until our grievances are redressed.

General Strike and Boycott called
for immigrant rights
for an end to wars
for economic, social, and environmental justice and labor rights
for peace with justice
for civil liberties and an end to the police state
for housing, education, and healthcare as human rights
for women’s rights and gender equity

May 1 has been declared a day of civil disobedience. People on every continent, in every country, and in every city will take to the streets.

“We can tell you that May 1st is International Workers Day. We can tell you that in some countries it’s a public holiday to commemorate the historic gains made by the Labor movement. We can tell you that in Los Angeles, May 1st is traditionally a day to celebrate and make a stand for immigrant rights.

But only you can tell us what you’re striking for on May 1st, 2012.

Because the May 1st General Strike is about you. It’s about the debt imposed on you for daring to dream about a college education. It’s about the healthcare you can’t afford, the family member with a disease which goes untreated because they lack insurance. It’s about your car that got repo-ed after you lost your job. It’s about your home that got foreclosed on when the bank went bust. It’s about your family, who came here for a better future, and got lost in the broken immigration system, and found that they’re denied access to legal work, education and security because they’re undocumented. It’s about you, the gay kid who gets bullied at school, and will grow up in a country which denies you equality and humanity, simply because you love someone of the same gender. It’s about the fact there’s no jobs, even if you got that college education and those grades. It’s about the single mother who struggles to support her kids on minimum wage – which is not a living wage. It’s about the woman who makes it through Harvard, works her ass off in one of the best law firms in the country, and constantly loses out on that promotion because she’s not a man. It’s about the homeless African-American guy who lives on Skid Row and gets thrown in jail for peeing in a park, because there are no toilet facilities on the street for those like him. It’s about the protestor who gets beaten and thrown in jail for holding a sign in a public space which says he’s had enough. It’s about the farmer who’s had to leave his home and work, because the state raised his land tax. It’s about the father who loses a son to a pointless war over oil in a foreign land.

It’s about the fact this is not the America we were brought up to believe in.

Make America a Reality.”

People on every continent, in every country, and in every city will take to the streets for a day of civil disobedience.

Join Occupy Eugene downtown for a May Day Mardi Gras-style party. Dress up, bring signs and beads, and be prepared to party with ALL your favorite banks!


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Charles Eisenstein “Sacred Economics” Lecture

Join Charles Eisenstein, author of “Sacred Economics: Money, Gift, and Society in the Age of Transition” for an evening conversation this Saturday, March 10th, 7pm at Columbia Hall rm 150, University of Oregon. Charles Eisenstein has written several articles addressing some of the core issues of the Occupy movement including “No Demand Is Big Enough” which was a direct response to calls early on from Occupy critics for the movement to clearly state “what our demands are.”

Discover a powerful, mind-opening account of history, social analysis, solutions and new possibilities for the future of money, economics and the quality of our lives and our future. Learn how we can all benefit in this vision and contribute to it. Explore a new economic world filled with:

  • gifting, sharing, and generosity
  • local money and resilient communities
  • a commons that’s thriving and expanding
  • negative interest that generates greater, truer wealth
  • liberated human passion, caring, and contributions
  • societies freed of concentrated, corrupted power
  • economics that into account nature and people

Discover economics as if people and nature really mattered….enlightened economics that knows we are all connected…

Visit to learn more.

¡Viva Mexico! Movie and Discussion

Tuesday, February 21, 2012
7:00 pm until 10:00 pm
100 Willamette Hall, UO Campus
Park in Onyx parking lot/eastside of Franklin Blvd

Come watch a movie that will raise your awareness and inform our local activist community about other social movements in the world, so that we may learn and build solidarity. Discussion with Javier Lara, Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United, follows.

In a journey from the mountains of southeastern Mexico to the northern border with the United States, Subcommander Marcos and the people of Mexico trace the forgotten face of a country. A celebration of the struggle for land and dignity.

After the movie, we can engage in a dialogue about the different perspectives we view or internalized the topic. At the end, I will like to link the point of the film to what PCUN does as a farm worker union in Woodburn-Oregon.

­                —Javier Lara, Northwest Treeplanters and Farmworkers United

Contact Scott Fife,, 541-232-2868 for more information.

Free Bradley Manning

Free Bradley Manning
When: Wednesday, February 1 – 7:30pm
Where: First United Methodist Church, 1376 Olive St.
Contact: Michael Carrigan, CALC, 541.844.4677,

Bradley Manning, a 24-year-old Army intelligence analyst, faces life in prison for allegedly sharing the “Collateral Murder” video of a US helicopter attack that killed 11 civilians and wounded two children in Baghdad, Iraq with the WikiLeaks website. Bradley has also been charged with blowing the whistle on the “Iraq War Logs”, the “Afghan Diaries”, and “Gitmo Files” and embarrassing US State Department cables. All of the documents released have added significantly to public knowledge of war crimes, civilian casualties, government corruption, and the over-classification of information. No one has been harmed and the information has helped fuel pro-democratic protests globally.

“God knows what happens now. Hopefully worldwide discussion, debates, and reforms… I want people to see the truth… because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.” –a discussion attributed to Army PFC Bradley Manning

Bradley Manning Support Network campaign organizer *Jeff Paterson will provide a multi-media presentation to include:
• An overview of US v. Bradley Manning
• His report from the Fort Meade courtroom where Bradley had his first court hearing after 18 months of pre-trial confinement, while hundreds of supporters marched on base December 16-22.
• Updates on the international grassroots campaign.
• An opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to Bradley’s defense fund, which in addition to supporting public education efforts is responsible for 100% of Bradley legal expenses.
• Introduction to the new Courage to Resist book, “About Face: Military Resisters Turn Against War”-from Army Lt. Ehren Watada to PFC Bradley Manning, and two dozen other stories. Published by PM Press, September 2011.

*In August 1990, Marine artilleryman Corporal Jeff Paterson became the first of many US military personnel to refuse to fight in Iraq. Today, Jeff is the project director of Courage to Resist, an Oakland-based organization.

Also available in : Spanish

1/27/12 Work Party Today!

Come on down! Bring your youthful enthusiasm and your get-it-done attitudes! We can get Occupy V spiffy for tonight’s Art Walk together.

Where: 1274 W. 7th, Eugene

When: 10am until we get it done

Support for Lane County Nurses

January 26, at 6 pm, Lane County nurses and their supporters will
meet at the AFSCME bldg (7th and Charnelton Aves in Eugene), have
something to eat and then go out to leaflet around the city in small
groups. We encourage you to turn out in support of the nurses and to help
them get a fair contract. Pizza will be offered before the action. Please
be there at 6 pm.

Here is letter from the nurses explaining why they need our help:

Nurses who work for Lane County have made the difficult decision to
possibly walk off their jobs and go on strike. We are Lane County
employees who work across the broad spectrum of nursing: registered nurses
(RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), nurse practitioners (NPs) and
certified nursing assistants (CNAs). We work at the county’s public health
department, in the county health clinics in Eugene and Springfield, at the
Lane County Jail and at Springfield High School — plus three dental
hygienists who see and treat up to 15,000, mostly lower-income students
per year.

Indeed, we generally deal with Lane County’s underprivileged, lower income
residents; they typically have no health insurance or poor insurance.
Because of the work we do, we face a high risk of exposure to a long list
of illnesses and disease. People without insurance often wait longer than
they should to seek treatment. We also face an increasingly difficult
clientele. We are not just medical workers any more, we are ad hoc social
and psychological workers as well. We counsel our patients in many ways;
we literally offer mental health services to thousands each year. These
are not “jobs,” we love our work and our patients. We could work
elsewhere, but we choose to serve our communities.

We need to get our message to register with the Lane County Commissioners.
We’re asking you to help us with an evening of public flyering — at the UO
campus, malls, grocery stores and the like. This will be easy-to-read,
non-combative literature that simply asks the public to call the
commissioners on our behalf. We’d appreciate your help!

Lane County Nurses

Where: AFSCME Union Hall, 688 Charnelton Ave. and then into the neighborhoods

When: Today, Wednesday the 25th, 6 – 9pm.

1/26/12 Oregon Education Investment Board Public Hearing

The Oregon Education Investment Board is primed to rush legislation with inadequate public review that will profoundly change public education, permitting UO to opt out of the higher ed system with a private board.
It reinforces the assessment based movement with investment of human energy in collecting data for the P-20 Longitudinal Data Collection System. After ten years, we already know what assessment based outcomes looks like: failure of 50% of the schools in the country.
No additional assessment systems until more important and pressing issues are resolved such as class size, furlough days, and inadequate number of high school classes.
Enact no laws without more public discussion of unintended consequences of this NCLB rehash.
We need to promote the human component of education, the teachers and staff who are the connections that make a school a successful learning environment.

Eugene / Springfield Solidarity
Network / Jobs with Justice URGES you to ATTEND the OEIB Hearing
Today, January 26, 2012
6:30 to 8:30 p.m.
Lane Community College,
4000 East 30th Avenue, Eugene
Center for Meeting and Learning, Room 104


Where: Lane Community College; 4000 East 30th Avenue, Eugene; Center for Meeting and Learning, Room 104

When: Today, January 26, 6:30 – 8:30 pm

TIME UPDATED: 1/9/12 Occupy City Hall

This will be an Open Assembly with our medics, some food from our kitchen and entertainment. OCCUPY CITY HALL … and sign up at 7pm to speak at 7:30 in the courtyard outside city council meeting room.

Where: City Hall Courtyard, 777 Pearl St., (8th & Pearl)

When: Monday, January 9th, 6:00pm social gathering, 7:30pm city meeting starts.

From Plaedo, “We will be having a ‘celebration of democracy’ with our Occupy City Hall. It will be an opportunity for people from the community to witness our Assembly process. (I know that it was the horizontal organization of direct democracy that brought me to the movement in the first place, I’m hoping this reason brings others to the movement as well.)

We will also be having free food, free medical services and our info booth to remind people that we are an asset to our community. A group of compassionate talented individuals who care about society.

So please, come on down tonight!”

1/23/12 OCCUPY YOUR BODY: Awaken Your Heart: Global Dance Wave

Calling all Believers in MOVEMENT! You are invited to participate in OCCUPY YOUR BODY: Awaken Your Heart, A Global Dance Wave on January 22, 2012 at 12 noon.
We as Conscious Dancers would like to add our wisdom to the collective vision emerging from the Occupy Movement. Here in Eugene, we will be hosting an additional Occupy Your Body dance from noon until 2 p.m.
OCCUPY has a message of transformation, a message about the need for change. We as dancers and spiritual seekers know the pathway of personal transformation. It is time for us to apply our wisdom to help bring about state, national and global transformations. We as dancers know the power of Embodiment. We know that when we are connected to our bodies, true transformation is possible. We know that when we connect the mind and the body and awaken the heart, we will be able to make the changes necessary. We offer OCCUPY YOUR BODY as a prayer for this awakening and our global transformation. On Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 12 noon, Conscious Dancers will dance a wave of movement that will circle the globe. Together, we are
ONE WAVE. ONE BODY. ONE HEART.On January 22 (as close to 12 noon as possible), dancing communities including Rhythms, Ecstatic, Conscious Dance, Soul Motion, Nia and any other kinds of conscious movement, will gather and dance, holding this prayer of EMBODIMENT, each with our own particular flavor, all with the same intention to allow the power of embodiment to be part of the global conversation in whatever way it can serve.Movement is needed. LET’S MOVE.

For more information and to post your participation, go to the FACEBOOK PAGE OCCUPY YOUR BODY: A Global Dance Wave or you can contact Amara directly at

A film being edited now by Jeff Wayman will be available next week introducing OCCUPY YOUR BODY and inviting people to participate. There will also be a video made with footage submitted from the various participants. Please post on Facebook your participation and make sure to send a photo or any film you can take of your OCCUPY YOUR BODY prayer.